Yeedi vac 2 Pro review: the best robot vacuum cleaner?

In this article we will go to see the review of Yeedi vac 2 Pro, robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner that promises many new features

We have already tested and reviewed many products of the Yeedi brand, some of us liked it more, others showed some weaknesses. Overall, however, what has always caught the eye is the great desire to innovate and renew itself of this company. 

A striking example was the review of the Yeedi Mop Station 2 in 1 which staked everything on a fully automated washing system. Unfortunately, in our opinion, this technology is still a bit immature but it was certainly a step forward towards more than concrete improvements. 

Over time and reviews we have also come across power increases with Yeedi vac max and much more. 

One thing, a piece of advice, however, has always remained the lowest common denominator in our articles. During the first mapping but especially during the daily cleaning phases, the surface must not contain small obstacles!

Having children in the house it is all too easy to find socks hidden under the sofa, drawing pencils scattered around the living room or some modest toys. With all devices, even from other brands, this has always been a problem. 

Obviously there are already robots able to avoid these problems but just as obviously their price is very high.

The promise of Yeedi vac 2 is to solve the problem with a new mapping and instant control system, which we will see later in detail, will Yeedi have succeeded in his intent? Let's find out together in the review of Yeedi vac 2!

Yeedi vac 2 Pro review: the best robot vacuum cleaner?

Packaging e design | Review Yeedi vac 2 Pro 

Regarding the design we will not spend many words as it is almost the same as its predecessors. 

White dominates and the elegance that distinguishes the brand is always present. A small aesthetic difference, however, hides a huge difference in terms of use. 

If on the upper part, as for the rear one, nothing, or almost, changes. On the front and on the sides of Vac 2 the differences are there!

Where we are used to seeing a "collision" fascia in Yeedi vac 2 there is an optical sensor. In a nutshell, as you could read in the previous paragraph, the news is there and promises a lot of importance!

Undoubtedly the design benefits from this choice even if we reiterate that the real change should lie in everyday use. 

  • Yeedi vac 2 Pro review: the best robot vacuum cleaner?
  • Yeedi vac 2 Pro review: the best robot vacuum cleaner?

New technologies and data sheet | Yeedi vac 2 Pro review

As we anticipated with this Yeedi Vac 2 there is no shortage of news. In fact, we find a new system capable of avoiding obstacles. 

The mapping system with the camera placed on the highest part of the robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber is able to provide a precise area of ​​the house. Obviously, as is always suggested, it is important that the rooms in the house are well lit. 

The news that are the masters, however, are substantially two and are not insignificant. A new system able to avoid obstacles, thanks to a light sensor on the front and a new washing system.

The first manages, and this time they are not guesses but field tests, to avoid obstacles that with the old system, that is the impact bar, were not traceable. 

Taking a practical example with only the impact bar, which remains present also in this model, a sock would not have been signaled and would have gone to tangle in the main brush.

Instead, thanks to this new way of tracing obstacles the sock (which could be a cable, a toy or anything else of this type) is avoided.. All this allows for greater safety and more autonomous cleaning. Our intervention to free the brush has never helped and we are very happy with this. 

The other focal point is the new washing system. Thanks to an oscillating movement of the washing plate, and consequently of the microfibre cloth, the manual passage of a floor cloth is simulated. Just like a person would do, you go back and forth several times on one spot for a deeper cleansing. 

Yeedi vac 2 Pro data sheet (differs from non-Pro version) 

  • Navigation system: visual mapping
  • Diversion system obstacles: 3D Structured Light
  • Power of suction: 3000 Pa
  • Main brush: multisurface
  • Side brush: single brush
  • Carpet detection: Yes 
  • Dust tank capacity: 420 ml
  • Washing system: oscillating washing plate 
  • Water tank capacity: 180 ml
  • Height of the robot: 77 ml
  • Battery capacity (lithium): 5200 mAh 
  • Voice assistant compatibility: Google e/o Alexa
  • Autonomy: 22o minutes of work on a full charge
  • Emptying station capacity (compatible): 2.5 L

As you have been able to read from the first part of the paragraph and from the technical data sheet, the news are there and are very important. Obviously we put our Yeedi Vac 2 to the test and in the continuation of the review we will find out how it fares in the field.  

Yeedi vac 2 Pro review: the best robot vacuum cleaner?

Washing and vacuuming finally to a higher level | Yeedi vac 2 Pro review

The power of 3000 Pa is more than enough to clean a medium-sized apartment. The central brush combined with the side brush can reach every corner of the house. Dust, crumbs and all the small dirt that can accumulate on our floors are vacuumed up without problems. 

Obviously, through the convenient application we could decide to exploit a lower or higher power according to the need. Thanks to the app it will be possible to set one of the four power levels

The addition of the optical sensor on the front is certainly the flagship of the Yeedi vac 2 Pro offer. Thanks to the addition of this feature, we did not encounter the entanglement of the central brush that prevented the continuation of cleaning. 

With previous models more than once we had to stop what we were doing to go to the rescue of our broken-down robot. The kind of situations just described have in fact disappeared and obviously we can only be happy about this. 

In short, the suction system is promoted with flying colors and thanks to the new features it is even more so!

Aspiration promoted but washing? 

Also for the washing section there are really interesting additions for the Pro version of Yeedi vac 2. There remains the tank system which is automatically detected by the Yeedi vac 2 Pro and which allows us to automatically switch to the scrubber function. 

The big news in this area is certainly the way in which the washing is carried out. Where in the past the wash drawer passed on the floor with a simple dragging movement with Yeedi vac 2 Pro an oscillating movement of the cloth has been inserted that simulates the movement of a person passing a rag back and forth on a specific spot to remove stubborn stains. 

The new system is really well thought out and offers a deeper cleaning, even better (in some ways) than devices created specifically for washing. 

The only flaw of the washing system is the time it takes. It shouldn't be a big problem since the robot acts autonomously and the battery life is more than enough but obviously it is also right to point out this aspect. 

In short, even the aspect of washing, removed the important amount of time (about 90 minutes for 25 square meters), we just have to promote the washing of this Yeedi vac 2 Pro. 

The very useful function of the automatic carpet detection with automatic power increase. 

As for the application, as usual, we also find the possibility to choose the amount of water, to set a routine and a time in which to activate the do not disturb mode. 

Yeedi vac 2 Pro review: the best robot vacuum cleaner?

Who should buy Yeedi vac 2 Pro? 

In conclusion, thanks to the innovations made, we believe that this Yeedi vac 2 Pro is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market. 

The new mapping system capable of avoiding obstacles combined with the new vibratory plate washing system and carpet detection offer a unique package for the price.

If you combine what has just been said with the convenience of also having the emptying dock, everything takes a really perfect direction. 

Obviously there are some small defects such as the sometimes excessive time for washing but overall we believe that this is one of the best products we have reviewed in this area. 

Yeedi vac 2 Pro review: the best robot vacuum cleaner? yeedi vac 2 pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Scrubber with Mapping, Suction 3000Pa, Swing Sweeping 480 times / min, Visual Navigation, 3D Obstacle Avoidance, Smart Room Map
  • 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner and mop: yeedi vac 2 pro is a 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop. With its industry-leading smart vacuum cleaner and mop system, the robot vacuum cleaner can set different suction powers and intelligently adjust the amount of water when cleaning. Robot scrubber can work up to 220 minutes and automatically recharges when the battery is low. (A full charge takes 6,5 hours).
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