Bezior XF200: electric bike with a thousand uses

We present the Bezior XF200 electric bike. It allows you to move around the city and beyond effortlessly and at high speeds. Here are its characteristics

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular. It is in fact an ecological means of transport that can be used by all. Thanks to the assistance of the electric motor, you can travel very long distances, unthinkable with a pedal-operated bike. And it also saves time because the average speed is higher. They cost less than a moped and you don't need a license to drive them.

Nowadays there are different types, but the model we will talk about today focuses a lot on a compact design. It is about Bezior XF200, here are all the details!

Bezior XF200: power and speed

This electric bike, despite its compact size, is equipped with a 1000 W brushless motor reach 40 km / h and to reach it in just 4.9 seconds. Plus the high torque of the engine allows you to climb slopes up to 35%. The 200V / 48 Ah Bezior XF15 battery allows a range of well 130 km in pedal assist mode and 50 km in full electric mode. The battery weighs approximately 3,5 kg and must be removed from the frame to be recharged. Plugged into a home outlet, it takes about 6-7 hours to fully recharge. We also have a 7-speed Shimano gearbox to facilitate use in different contexts.

The power supply system is managed by an inverter control chip, developed by Bezior. It ensures efficiency by maximizing power transfer to the engine. The combination of control chip, motor and management software reduce consumption so that not a single drop of energy is wasted.

An electric bike for all conditions

The frame is made of 6061 aluminum with T4T6 heat treatment which makes it light and resistant at the same time. We have a maximum load of 200kg, such as corrosion and rust resistance. The front forks are equipped with oil suspension and springs, the rear ones with oil and can handle a force of up to almost 300 kg. This features, combined with the wide wheels, make this Bezior XF200 suitable for any terrain, even the most rugged. The disc brake guarantees an excellent level of safety, essential if high speeds are reached and guaranteeing a stop in less than 3 meters.

The battery is well protected from splashes and dust, so that being able to whiz even in the rain or on dirt roads. In addition, the electric bike can be folded and stored in a corner so as not to disturb anyone. On the handlebar, in addition to the brake levers, we find a splendid one LCD display to monitor speed, distance traveled, battery charge and other information. The throttle is similar to that of a moped and are located on the handlebar grip.

Bezior XF200: electric bike with a thousand uses

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What are you saying? Has the Bezior XF200 convinced you? Here the official purchase page. That's all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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