Best Hiking Watches | 2024

With this guide we will take a closer look at the best trekking watches on the market, comparing them with the best offers available

Un GPS watch for the outdoors it can be an excellent ally to keep by your side when moving in nature, so I decided to show you i best hiking watches on the market. A professional and fully functional model will in fact be able to give you a lot of information about your surroundings. It will also be able to guide you in your adventure.

The usefulness of the best hiking watches

Today this family of equipment has become extremely large. They collect tools that offer the most disparate functions and respond to the most diverse needs. These watches have now become real survival tools and have so many features that could keep you out of any unexpected events. But the question that many ask themselves is: among the various types on the market how is it possible to choose the one that is right for us? With this guide I will try to clarify this unknown.

Best Hiking Watches | 2024

How to choose among the best hiking watches

In the beginning the only tool to take on a mountain trip or in exploration was the altimeter / barometer. Then came the compass, the Gps, the heart rate monitor, the thermometer, the water resistant and the connection with the related SMS and e-mail notifications from the smartphone. All these equipment, increasingly important, which previously made weight and volume in the backpack, were then slipped into the smartwatch GPS da outdoor.

A good hiking watch not only shows the time and date, but provides a lot of other crucial information (such as precise location, altitude, atmospheric pressure, time of sunrise or sunset.). Hiking and exploration watches are becoming increasingly popular due to their usefulness. As a result, manufacturing companies are making great progress in designing new models, and one is being found today various quantities present on the market.

How to choose among the best trekking watches for our needs

With this guide I hope to help you find a watch that meet your needs. First of all, if you want to buy an outdoor watch that works really well, you will have to spend a little, especially because you want to bring all that "world" into one smartwatch has a fairly high cost. Obviously, I remind you that the GPS condensed in your watch, together with a few dozen other gadgets, will hardly have the same efficiency and the same functions available in a navigator that was created just for that. I invite you to take a look at the guide on the best GPS exploration devices. That said, we're going to look at the best hiking watches, which certainly offer excellent performance. 

What are the best hiking watches?

The outdoor watches that we can find on the internet or in the store closest to us differ in brand, functionality and obviously price. With this guide, made available to share my opinion with you, I have taken into account those that are (in my opinion) the most advantageous and reliable. This is for those who are beginners in the world of trekking and exploration, but also for the more experienced, and above all for those looking for a product at the right price but without sacrificing quality.

Best Hiking Watches | 2024

Tom Tom Adventurer

Among the best trekking watches I have also included this. It has a look lean and essential, but it is solid and does not betray. Offers the essential functionality of a real exploration watch (compass, altimeter, barometer, GPS detection). Obviously guaranteed by one of the most important brands for satellite navigation. The device has been implemented to choose between various modes sportive multiple (sci, trail running, escursionismo e snowboard).

Best Hiking Watches | 2024 TomTom 1RKM.000.02 Adventurer multisport GPS watch with integrated heart rate monitor, music player, altimeter, compass etc., Black
  • GPS, Compass and Altimeter: Detect location, distance, speed, ascent, altitude, slope and pace.
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Garmin Tactix Charlie

With its display by 1.2 high resolution, sunlight readable, with sapphire crystal, which allows you to switch from daytime use to night vision goggles. Includes maps TopoActive pre-installed that cover the whole of Europe, plus map navigation with the option to establish custom routes. It features a rugged design with a black-diamond carbon coated titanium bezel (DLC), black titanium back cover and stainless steel buttons. In addition, it integrates the wrist heart rate sensor.

Best Hiking Watches | 2024 Garmin Tactix Charlie - Smartwatch Black
  • Sunlight readable 1.2 "high resolution display with sapphire crystal; allows you to switch between day use and night vision goggles
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Garmin Epix

Designed for use in all outdoor conditions, from hiking to running, surfing to swimming. Has a 1,4 inch touch screen high resolution e 8 GB of internal memory. The touch screen displays a GPS with a real built-in map. They are also present pedometer, activity tracking, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, digital compass.

Best Hiking Watches | 2024 Garmin EPIX Acquista su Amazon

Garmin Fenix ​​6x

The latest addition to Garmin is one of the most innovative products on the market, with advanced features to also monitor the state of health during the trek. Chroma display, Wi-Fi, heart rate, calorie counter and pedometer, 100 meters of water resistance complete the picture of a real watch for outdoor and trekking. Certainly not the cheapest, but for the performance and features it offers, that's right.

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