CES 2024: Alexa news presented by Amazon

Amazon told CES 2024 that Alexa will join next mission with Callisto, embedded in NASA's Orion spacecraft

"Alexa, take me to the moon". The motto that Amazon is launching regarding its brand now established throughout the sector. With Lockheed Martin, the company of founder Jeff Bezos has announced plans for send Alexa into space as part of Artemis I, the first of several NASA missions that will land the first woman and first black person on the moon.

Alexa will then join the next mission as part of Callisto, a technology demonstration payload embedded in NASA's Orion spacecraft and built in collaboration with engineers from Amazon, Lockheed Martin, and Cisco. Alexa is one of many innovative new technologies that will be tested as part of Artemis I, e the integration will help those involved explore how voice technology and AI can assist astronauts on future missions.

Along with Alexa's journey into space, we are developing a series of experiences to make space exploration more accessible to students, teachers and families who want to follow the Artemis I mission. Artemis' content and experiences for Alexa will be launched near the mission, but a preview is available now. To get started and set reminders for upcoming mission milestones, just say, "Alexa, take me to the moon." Read more about Alexa's space travel.

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CES 2024: Alexa news presented by Amazon

The news presented by Amazon, however, does not end there, because the manufacturer is increasingly focusing on the integration of its services in vehicles. In fact, together with Stellantis, one of the world's leading automakers and mobility providers, have announced a series of global and multi-year agreements that will transform the in-vehicle experience for millions of Stellantis customers and advance the mobility industry's transition to a sustainable future and software defined. Collaboration brings together our leadership and innovation in digital experiences, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning withStellantis' automotive engineering excellence and portfolio of 14 iconic vehicle brands, including Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat and Peugeot.

The CEO's words Andy Jassy;

Over the past two decades, Amazon has built the technology, skills and culture of innovation to be a world leader in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning. We have used these capabilities to make life better for customers around the world through products and services such as Alexa, Kindle and Fire TV, and with AWS we have helped thousands of companies transform themselves and their industries. We are thrilled to partner with Stellantis to transform the automotive industry and reinvent the in-vehicle experience. We are inventing solutions that will help Stellantis accelerate connected and personalized experiences in vehicles, so that every moment on the move can be intelligent, safe and tailored to each occupant. Together, we will lay the foundation for Stellantis to transform from a traditional automaker into a global leader in software-driven development and engineering.

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Artemis Content on Echo Show

Finally, the company has thought of a new Matter support for device manufacturers. Amazon last year announced that Matter was coming up on most Echo devices and that Echo devices (4 generation) and eero will become router Matter Thread border. Now, the Frustration-Free Setup documentation is available for device manufacturers to review, and brands such as eWeLink, Ledvance, Sengled, TP-Link, Tuya and Lifx are working with Amazon to offer a great configuration experience. Amazon is also working with Philips Hue, Resideo and others to implement the Commissionable Endpoint feature for Alexa, which allows you to add Alexa devices as second administrators for Matter devices so you can take advantage of smart home controls even when the internet connection is out. use.

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