Yeedi vac 2 pro: the perfect gift for Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2024 is upon us, yeedi vac 2 pro is the perfect gift to enjoy your day without worries

La Mother's Day it has been celebrated for over 100 years, in all countries of the world, and it is the right time to show our mothers ours gratitude e affection, perhaps with a gift unique ed exclusive (but also useful) that can make this day indimenticabile.

For a mum, there is no better thing than being able to take some time per se itself, go out with the friends, do Shopping or spend a day in family in some beautiful city. Among the commitments domestic and work however, all this is not always possible.

Yeedi vac 2 pro: the perfect gift for Mother's Day

Here is one of the best gifts to give

And here is one of the best gifts for mom, the yeedi, with her new vac 2 pro, a great ally for everyday life. The vac 2 pro robot vacuum cleaner is the latest addition to the yeedi vac 2 series. With an exclusive oscillating mopping, this innovative cleaning system moves back and forth to mimic the movement of cleaning by hand, but based on tests carried out in yeedi laboratories, 5 times faster, so even the most annoying stains can be easily removed, even on several types of floors. In addition, it features a technology 3D obstacle avoidance to intelligently detect objects on the floor and react in time to dodge them.

In addition to the robot, the station is also available automatic emptying for cleaning the bag dust collector, so you don't have to think about anything anymore. For this special occasion, yeedi has decided to create a landing page on its website (online from 29 April) where everyone can personalize his own wrapping paper, for mom or for herself. By choosing and combining different elements it will be possible to create one Gift card unique and special for the occasion.

Additionally, yeedi also thought about throwing a giveaway on its pages of Instagram e tiktok. Just share in the stories your own personalized gift card followed by hashtags #invite e #offerherabreak and yeedi will choose a lucky user to give the brand new robot yeedi vac 2 pro vacuum cleaner, the perfect gift for every home! Two other winners will be able to purchase the product with a 50% discount and three other yeedi will offer a voucher of 100 euro.

Yeedi vac 2 pro: the perfect gift for Mother's Day

Prices and availability

yeedi vac 2 pro is available at the recommended retail price of 449,99 € su The Amazon ed ebay. From Sunday 1st May on Thursday 12st May, yeedi vac 2 pro will also be subject to a special promotion, which includes selling it for only 379,99 €. Available from June at the recommended retail price of 349,99 €, for more information please visit the website.

La charging station self-empty station is already available for purchase as a separate accessory for the price of 199,99 €.

What do you think of this robot vac 2 pro from yeedi? Have you seen our review? Let us know below in the comments. Don't forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on our YouTubee channel and stay connected on {marca_origen}.com.

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