Midnight Ghost Hunt preview: our first impressions

In this preview we will go to discover Midnight Ghost Hunt, a spooky multiplayer game full of fearsome ghosts to defeat

The guys from Vaulted Sky Games have recently launched their first game on the videogame market, focusing on the competitive multiplayer genre. We got to preview Midnight Ghost Hunt, a fast-paced multiplayer hide and seek game present in early access on Steam and after several games, we are ready to tell you what we think.

Ghost hunt

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a purely PvP multiplayer game, with no story to tell or background of the characters. Just like in the famous movie "Ghostbusters", we will impersonate a Ghostbusters team with the task of eliminating all the ghosts present in different spooky scenarios such as schools, museums, hospitals and many more.

The fun doesn't stop there, because with each new game, the roles will swap and we will have the chance to play as ghosts. Their aim is to hide and survive by midnight by possessing the various objects present in the settings. We just have to continue our preview of Midnight Ghost Hunt by moving to the true focus of the title, or the gameplay.

Midnight Ghost Hunt preview: our first impressions

I ruoli – Anteprima Midnight Ghost Hunt

Thanks to the initial tutorial, the commands and usable objects are very clear right away. THE hunters they will have various weapons at their disposal, both ranged and melee, ranging from the devastating shotgun to the brutal hammer. In addition to the weapon they will have a single equipable gadget available which can vary between offensive, such as grenades, mines and C4 or healing, such as medkit or the defibrillator to revive an ally. Being a real hide and seek they are obviously also present useful gadgets for tracking down ghosts. We will be able to find the footprints released by the enemies thanks to a special monitor, or use sound scanners to reveal their presence in the surroundings. Finally, each character will be able to equip a passive ability which will give him a bonus stat such as run faster or auto heal over time.

Turning instead to the Ghosts, during a game they will have a few minutes to choose where to hide before the hunters arrive and the fight officially begins. Ghosts have the ability to own most of the objects present in the scenarios including statues, vases, boxes, tombstones, puppets and much more. By possessing an item, they have the ability to hurl it at the Ghostbuster to deal damage to it or simply, when they don't have an object, they can throw off some outbursts closely, even if in this case it is not very convenient given the little damage they inflict.

Ghosts may have a special ability at their disposal, all very varied. For example, they can become invisible for a short period of time, make certain objects explosive on contact, gain the appearance of a hunter to deceive them and set paranormal traps of all kinds.

Midnight Ghost Hunt preview: our first impressions

Let the Clash Begin - Midnight Ghost Hunt Preview

After describing the two roles in detail in this preview of Midnight Ghost Hunt, we are ready to talk to you about rules of the game. At the beginning you choose your arsenal and in the first phase, in a 4vs4 fight i hunters will have 5 minutes to find and kill the four ghosts before time runs out.

At the stroke of the last second, the second phase called "midnight" starts and the roles are reversed, that is the ghosts enter a sort of berserk mode which greatly boosts their damage and they will have to kill all hunters within 4 minutes. The first team that manages to exterminate the opponent in the first or second phase of the game, wins. This game mode is the only one available, a brutal hide-and-seek that is fun, immediate and decidedly frenetic during the clashes.

It should also be specified that in this title there is no class system, in fact, both hunters and ghosts will start with the same default items available immediately. To unlock all the weapons, the various gadgets and the passives you will need to complete various games. At the end of each game we will get experience to increase the level of the profile, together we will also be given some fragments that can be used as currency to purchase new equipment usable in game.

Midnight Ghost Hunt also features a number of cosmetics and skin for our characters, which can always be unlocked using the fragments obtained during the various games. Some skins are very inspired, especially those of ghosts where we can take on the role of death, the mummy, the witch and many other scary creatures.

Midnight Ghost Hunt preview: our first impressions

What's Not Working - Midnight Ghost Hunt Preview

Apparently Midnight Ghost Hunt has all the credentials to be a game valid multiplayer, with potential for success over time, even if there are some aspects that have not convinced us very much. First of all the title is definitely unbalanced, the hunters have at their disposal a devastating arsenal and the ghosts are hardly able to win. Thanks to good teamwork, as soon as a ghost is found, it is unlikely that the latter will be able to escape, even using the various paranormal abilities available. Especially in the movement they result too slow to be paranormal entities and even they cannot cross walls like in the most famous horror movies!

Another aspect that has not convinced us very much concerns the possibility of change equipment at any time during the game. In fact, hunters will have a generator that acts as a dock to quickly change weapon or gadget to use, in this way they will always have all the arsenal present in the game at their fingertips to better face every situation.

The healing items in particular can be equipped, consumed, and then taken back from the dock as new, resulting in infinite, making the hunters almost immortal. There is to consider that the generator can be destroyed by ghosts, making it unusable, but this would make the ghosts exposed and vulnerable, making them easy prey for the Ghostbusters.

Midnight Ghost Hunt preview: our first impressions


In conclusion to this preview dedicated to Midnight Ghost Hunt we can say that the first impressions are definitely positive and is recommended for all fans of the genre. The multiplayer made by Vaulted Sky Games is technically well done, visually appealing but above all fun. The only game mode present works and effectively conveys the feelings of playing a deadly hide-and-seek. Although still in early access, the title is already in excellent condition and successful, in fact the Matchmaking is immediate and we never had a problem finding other players to start a game.

However, some aspects remain to be improved. Considering that out of about 12 games played, therefore 6 as a hunter and 6 as a ghost respectively, only once did we manage to win as ghosts highlights the fact that the two roles are definitely unbalanced. Ghosts should be upgraded such as increasing their speed, life or skill effectiveness.

At the same time the hunters are too strong and one of the main problems remains the generator. The possibility of changing equipment continuously, in an easy and unlimited way is too advantageous. We would have preferred that some gadgets were limited and distributed by default to each character, such as healing ones, and that the arsenal chosen at the beginning of the game was fixed without the possibility of changing it at will, in such a way as to have a slightly more strategic and less chaotic gameplay.

What do you think of this preview? Will you recover Midnight Ghost Hunt? Let us know in the comments and stay on our {marca_origen} site for more updates on the world of video games, and don't miss out on games at discounted prices on the Instant Gaming store.

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