7 classic Windows games to play on your Android for FREE

Replaying the games you played years ago is a great way to travel back in time. This is how we saw it by remembering the best PS2 games to play on your Android without installing an emulator, and we will confirm it again in this article where we will look at those classic Windows games that you can now play on your Android phone or tablet.

Relive the hours and hours spent in front of the computer screen while fleeing mines in the Minefield, moving cards until you win the game in Solitaire or hitting the space bar to prevent the ball from falling onto the pinball machine. In the Play Store you can download for free and legally different classic Windows games and we will show you in the following paragraphs.

7 classic Windows games to play on your Android

If you are one of those who like to remember past moments, this is your article. Only the best retro games for Android phones aren't enough for us, no, that's why we analyzed the applications available from the Play Store in search of versions of the classic Windows games. Although only one of them is official, all of them work similar to the original titles. Ready to travel to the past?


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Minefield could not be missing from this list of classic Windows games for Android

Who wasn't nervous when he saw him running into the mines again and again? Despite those moments of nervousness that got us through, Minesweeper is one of the most recognized Windows games. If you want to try again, you can download the free Minesweeper for Android, an app in which you have the option to start from the beginner level to progress progressively until you become an expert.

Minesweeper for Android, which also has tablet support, also gives you access to global player scores. So, you can compete with your friends to see who dominates this classic based on the search for mines.


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Solitaire is the only official Windows game available on the Play Store

The mythical Windows Solitaire has been available for Android since the end of 2016, being the only official version of all the titles listed in this article. Not only is the classic version of Solitaire (called Klondike) available, but it's one collection with which you can also play Spider Solitaire and Pyramid, among others.

The game will propose you daily challenges that you will have to overcome over the course of a month, a good way to even compete with your solitaire friends to find who is the best of all in this popular card game.


We cannot forget Pinball, that game in which you had to prevent the ball from falling through some of the holes on the board. There are several versions of this classic in the Play Store, although we have chosen to recommend one called Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded, which features challenges and achievements that will make the games more exciting.

This version of Pinball has tables with different playing styles, so you'll have to adapt quickly if you don't want to lose. In addition, it also has an online multiplayer mode to compete with other players.


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Mahjong is one of the most popular games for relaxing while exercising your mind. The goal of the game is to combine pairs of identical cards until the board is completely empty. But it's not as easy as it sounds, if you've ever played this Windows classic you can give it good faith.

You can keep playing Mahjong on Android thanks to Mahjong Titan, a free version that has more than 1.600 cards to play with 12 different backgrounds that alternate. Be careful, because if you start a game it is particularly difficult not to keep playing for hours.

White paper

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This Solitaire mode, also known as Freecell, is also available on the Play Store individually with this app called Carta Blanca, which you can download for free. With customizable cards and backgrounds, support for landscape and portrait modes, detailed statistics, game speed controls and auto-complete function, this white card positions itself as the most complete version of the classic Windows game that you can play on your Android.


Windows also had Chess in its games catalog, one of the best board games adapted to mobile phones. One of the best versions of this classic is Chess, an app where you can choose the color of your pieces, play up to ten different difficulty levels or have the help of a game assistant.

More than 100 million downloads already accumulate in the Play Store this Chess, in which you can also choose between two different display modes of the scoreboard, save games to resume later or play in person with another player thanks to the two-player mode.

Spider Solitaire

I plead guilty to spending hours and hours playing Spider Solitaire on my old computer. And it is that if this game is characterized by something, it is capturing you for hours without you noticing. This Solitaire mode is also available individually in the Android application store under the name Spider Solitaire.

Go cleverly by moving cards from row to row up to get four decks from King to Ace. Thanks to this modern version of Spider Solitaire, you can relive the good times spent playing a classic that still remains one of the most popular card games on your Android phone or tablet.

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