Preview Hyrule Warriors - The Characters

Preview Hyrule Warriors - The Characters

After being announced in the order announced between consensus and discontent last December, tested by us on the road at the Nintendo Showcase in June and subsequently at the Japan Expo in Paris and being released in Japan last month, Hyrule Warriors is preparing to invade all Western Wii U on September 19th.
The title of Omega Force is a licensed Musou based on the universe of The Legend of Zelda, and collects some of the most famous characters of the brand, proposing them with new costumes and fighting techniques.
With this preview we will present the first four usable characters, focusing on their background, moves and versatility against the hordes of enemies that have always characterized every self-respecting Musou.

By linking Link

The Hero of Time is obviously the first character you will take control of. In Omega Force's Hyrule, Link is a talented recruit, ready to do anything to serve his Queen.
During daily training, the castle is attacked by a dark horde, led by a knight in armor capable of breathing fire, and by a sorcerer capable of summoning the aforementioned monsters.
Armed only with a sword and shield, Link will throw himself into the fray determined to protect his companions and the sovereign, starting the events of this Spin-Off.

Link's movesets draw heavily from all the main chapters of the series

In the first levels of the game, Link has two weapons to choose from: the aforementioned sword, which will allow you to inflict massive physical damage, including the inevitable rotating attack of the hero in green, and the Staff of Fire, very similar to the Fire Wand usable in the two Oracle for Game Boy Color (or in A Link Between Worlds on 3DS) which as the name suggests will cause fiery elemental damage by burning enemies.
Link's movesets draw heavily from all the main chapters of the series, passing from the rotating attack to lunges and slashes (in the case of the sword) or transforming the bracket into the Skyward Sword vacuum cleaner, using it unlike the original as a flamethrower .
Link is capable of hitting many enemies simultaneously and quickly, making him the most versatile character for timed objectives.

Impersonating Impa

Zelda's caregiver and life teacher will be the second character you can use: Impa is loyal to her queen and blindly obeys orders, training troops and fighting bravely in the field.
The first weapon available for Impa will be the Giant Blade, a huge greatsword capable of dealing both water elemental damage and massive physical blows, at the expense of slightly reduced speed for powerful attacks (Y). Thanks to the water, however, Impa will be able to attack multiple enemies at the same time.

Impa is suitable for boss battles

The warrior is mainly suitable for inflicting damage on Bosses, especially the larger ones such as the Mega Dodongo or Gohma, but with adequate timing during the combos it is also possible to decimate the opposing hordes. Later in the game Impa will get a Spear, with which it will fill the defect of melee attacks and the main element will become the fire.

Shake your Sheik

Sheik will join the party in the first game maps, just as Zelda is missing.

Sheik is among the fastest and most versatile for the conquest of the principals

For those who know the series, there is no need to explain why the providential arrival of this mysterious blonde-haired character, for all the others we will certainly not be the ones to reveal the secret.
Sheik fights using the Lyre of the Goddess, special musical instrument able to charm and damage opponents with electric and fiery attacks. During the combos Sheik will be able to change the element and consequently the outcome of the chain of attacks, always going to hit more or less numerous groups of enemies.
Sheik is among the fastest and most versatile for the conquest of the principals, the classic areas to be conquered in any self-respecting Musou.

I like Lana and her opposite
Lana is a new character invented for the occasion: she is suitable for any type of confrontation

Lana is a sorceress who guards the Deku tree and the portals between worlds, invented for Hyrule Warriors by the guys of Omega force, but that manages to integrate perfectly into the group of usable characters.
Like Link, Lana also has two very different weapons: with the Magic tome, will create barriers and spells with which to crush opponents, the tome allows the use of all elements, depending on the equipped ability. It has a range very similar to the sword of Impa, but thanks to the agility of the sorceress, you will be able to hit even the most distant enemies. The Deku stick instead, it gives Lana the chance to summon small sentient Deku Sprouts, which will crash into unfortunate enemies, or to close the combo with a huge slingshot or a blast caused by the Deku Leaf introduced in The Wind Waker. Whether you use spells, whether you prefer to attack with a stick, Lana is a character suitable for any type of fight, thanks to the versatility of the moveset.

These are just the first four characters that can be used in Hyrule Warriors: the Musou dedicated to the universe of The Legend of Zelda for the moment is amusing us, especially if analyzed for what it is in effect: a spin-off of the Nintendo brand. .

Comment From these first hours of the game, while we become familiar with the characters (of those analyzed in particular Sheik and Lana) Hyrule Warriors shows itself as a Musou with several new mechanics on the creation of weapons. Omega Force offers a varied but perhaps a bit poor cast, although the characters present are well differentiated from each other and at the moment there are no mere copy and paste. For what concerns the in-depth analysis of the gameplay and any strengths and weaknesses of the title, we refer you to the full review Pros and Cons x

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