Best GPS for Trekking and Hiking | 2024

The best GPS devices for trekking and hiking: guide to buying the best device for our needs

Il GPS for trekking and hiking has now become the most important device for all outdoor enthusiasts. Thanks to the GPS, you can search for the best routes for walking or running outdoors. Or again, for extreme hikers, being able to always have a point of reference even in emergency situations, thanks to devices that will always offer you an experience in total safety. Furthermore, the addition of features such as barometer, compass and altimeter, allows you to carry as few objects as possible, making the "journey" more comfortable and light.

With this guide we will try to help those who have not yet decided whether or not to buy a GPS device for trekking and hiking. We will see the different characteristics of the various devices, and the market price. Below you will find all the products chosen for you.

Best GPS for Trekking and Hiking | 2024

Which one to choose?

In this guide we will try to understand, always following our tastes and our needs, which GPS to buy, or at least which to dwell on. We have a wide selection of products for outdoor experiences. We have selected a few especially for you. Among all the devices taken into consideration, we have narrowed the field to these 5 that we are going to present to you. Among these, Garmin branded devices are especially popular (here for more information).

Garmin Montana 610 Portable GPS, 4 ″ Touch Screen | Best GPS for Trekking and Hiking

This portable GPS has a barometric altimeter and a three-axis compass. The GPS is really fast and can position the subject very precisely. The program has a Truck Manager which allows you to customize the user experience both in terms of easy operation and for the paths to be taken. Inside the GPS there is one base map but you can also add more simply by inserting a micro SD. Display 4 inch, touch screen, color, dual orientation. Inside the GPS there is a built-in camera from 8 megapixel so you can take photos with geolocation and be able to remember any place. 

Best GPS for Trekking and Hiking | 2024 Garmin Montana 610 Portable GPS, 4 "Touch Screen, Black / Green
  • GPS and GLONASS: more accurate and faster positioning
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Garmin ETREX 32x - 2,2 Portable Color Navigator | Best GPS for Trekking and Hiking

The GPS has a mini screen from 2,2 inches with lighting that can be easily seen even in very strong direct sunlight. The map installed inside is European but there are also 8 gigabytes of memoria if you want to expand the maps via a card micro SD which is not included in the package. The GPS satellite receiver is Glonass. Inside there are also altimeter and three-axis compass. The system is compatible with many outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, mountaineering, cycling and many more.

Best GPS for Trekking and Hiking | 2024 Garmin ETREX 32x - Portable 2,2 "color navigator and pre-installed TopoActive map, GPS / GLONASS, Barometric altimeter, 8 GB expandable
  • 010-02257-01
253,10 EUR Buy on Amazon

TwoNav - GPS Trail 2 | Best GPS for Trekking and Hiking

The GPS has been designed down to the smallest detail for all lovers of trekking and hiking. Especially for those who prefer a small but extremely precise navigator. Indeed, the signal is both GPS and Glonass and Galileo. Localization therefore has three integrated placements and will make everything really fast. Memory is of 16 gigabyte. The battery is long lasting, it has about 20 hours of autonomy. The screen is big enough, fit 3,7 inches and it is very resistant even if it is not touchscreen: there are four buttons that can be used for various commands. Inside the package there is the connection for the bicycle, the USB cable, various types of software, space on the Cloud and six-month subscription to See Me.

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