XVX M61 Tiger Review: Best Keyboard 60%?

In this article we will go to see the review of the Hkfos XVX M61 Tiger, a keyboard that strikes for aesthetics and surprises in its use

When we received the proposal to review this product in the editorial office, we accepted without thinking twice. Personally I believe that the unique and refined style makes this keyboard one of the most beautiful on the market. Despite some doubts about the more technical sector, we spent whole days at the window waiting for the courier to bring us ours Hkfos XVX M61 Tiger. 

Once I got away to study every detail trying to identify what would be the best place to exhibit it post review. We literally spent two hours studying the drawing and to discover some new details even before "unboxing" completely. Then came the practical tests and there it was discovery… 

XVX M61 Tiger Review: Best Keyboard 60%?

Packaging e design | Recensione Hkfos XVX M61 Tiger

Let's start with the simplest part, the package. Looking at the fairly anonymous cardboard envelope, it is not possible to get an idea worthy of the name. Black box with showing the layout in a stylized white design on the top and a similarly done design for the back.

Inside the package we find ours beautiful keyboard covered with an opaque white plastic bag, four interchangeable buttons, a clip for removing the keys and the cable (which switches from USB Type C to USB Type A).

As for the pure aesthetics of this one Hkfos Tiger, to say that it is particular I do not think it would convey the idea. The mix di colors, the designed keys and the attention to detail are simply a perfect mix. The thing we regret is that the bottom is obviously hidden. Yes, because the guys at XVX have well thought of designing the part that rests on the desk and we are sorry to hide this part that is also so beautiful. Also nice RGB lighting system.  

  • XVX M61 Tiger Review: Best Keyboard 60%?


  • XVX M61 Tiger Review: Best Keyboard 60%?


  • XVX M61 Tiger Review: Best Keyboard 60%?


How does it behave in play and in writing? | Hkfos XVX M61 Tiger review

Let's start with the least “addicted” part of the keyboard, that is writing. The Spanish layout combined with the reduced form of the keyboard certainly does not facilitate the task. As it is legitimate to think and as we have just written, however, the writing is not in the center of the keyboard. Situation very clear thanks also to the choice of yellow switches. 

Without going too far we can say that with a little practice you can reach a good writing speed but you will never have the necessary comfort to prefer it to keyboards of different nature. 

Speaking of the gaming side, we were pleasantly surprised. A keyboard so well cared for from the aesthetic side, RGB, which also boasts a fairly competitive price could have sinned on the performance side but in reality it is not.

La XVX M61 Tiger mechanical keyboard thanks to the choice of switch yellow di good quality returns a snappy and precise feeling. Despite the wireless connection DON'T we have ever encountered problemi d’input lag. 

Also the autonomy area of battery (1850 mAh) manages to make us play for 10 hours before being charged again. To save battery the keyboard will go in stand-by after a few seconds of non-use, which we did not particularly like. Although it is possible to save a lot of battery life with this system, and although it is enough to press any key to make it work again, in some situations the short time before shutdown put us in difficulty.

For example, if you wait for the pre-gaming lobby you will have to remember that the first key pressed (to jump from the Warzone airplane to cite a concrete example) will be used to turn on the keyboard and you will have to re-enter the command to give the actual input. We encountered the same problem in some moments of "camping". Pretend to be the last alive of your team and that you have hidden to study a strategy, if suddenly an enemy appears you will have to remember to revive the keyboard before you can move, the only solution is to aim and shoot with the mouse. 

Considering the possibility of completely turning off the keyboard using the button next to the USB charging socket, the work di shutdown automatic it seems to us too hasty. If it had set after five minutes of non-use it would have been perfect. 

  • XVX M61 Tiger Review: Best Keyboard 60%?


  • XVX M61 Tiger Review: Best Keyboard 60%?


  • XVX M61 Tiger Review: Best Keyboard 60%?


  • XVX M61 Tiger Review: Best Keyboard 60%?


  • XVX M61 Tiger Review: Best Keyboard 60%?


 Who should buy this 60% mechanical keyboard? 

In conclusion we feel of recommend this keyboard to those who want a unique and original product. The non-Spanish layout does not allow it to be there main keyboard to write and play (if you write a lot) without much practice. As for gaming, excluding the small problem of too sudden standby entry, we were very satisfied with the switches chosen by the dongle which thanks to the connection da 2.4 Ghz allows us to play in total tranquility without fear of lag or missing keys. 

La noisiness it is attested average mechanical keyboards, so it is not annoying and with a good pair of headphones it is not perceived. 

In a nutshell you choose this keyboard for its eccentricity and for its uniqueness but it is also revalued in Gaming even after a short gaming session. We refer you to the Amazon page to be able to buy this splendid keyboard.

8.7 original

Points in favor

  • Unique and fun design
  • Quality materials
  • Good connectivity even without a cable

Points against

  • Non-Spanish layout
  • Standby precoce
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