EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus Review: Budget Gaming Headphones

Review of a pair of comfortable and light headphones, the EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus, which combine decent quality with a really low price

The world of gaming always takes excellent products on the table, but you get what you pay for and not everyone is interested in super expensive headphone models. For this, on Road4Gamers, we also give space to headphones that we believe valid also to prices definitely more bassi. An idea, therefore, that could be an inspiration for many to buy a pair of gaming headphones and see if they are actually right for you. Here's how we found ourselves with this pair of headphones from EX.

Packaging and unboxing | EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus review

Let's start with the packaging, not particularly bright, but that nonetheless protects as it should headphones inside. In the package we find the headphones, a cable USB-A / USB-C (female) for connection to console or PC and a manual also in English. Finally, a comfortable bag for safe carrying of headphones.

Technical features

Very low weight, 204 grams, led lights on the pavilions and some other more specific indications below.

  • Driver diameter: 40mm
  • Impedance: 32Ω+15%
  • Sensitivity: 92 ± 3dB
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Weight/size: 204±10g
  • USB-C cable length: 2.0m
  • USB extension cable length: 0.8m

EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus Review: Budget Gaming Headphones

First use and considerations | EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus review

Let's start with the aesthetics which is certainly not a strong point of these headphones. THE materials employees are definitely not among the most luxurious but they still manage to donate a discreet feeling to the wearer. THE pavilions they wrap the ears well and do not cause too much discomfort even if worn for some time. On the other hand, thebow it is slightly padded and therefore not very comfortable. There lightness headphones obviously play to their advantage increasing la fit and comfort.

There are several buttons and wheels on the pavilions. Let's start by saying that it is wired headphones, from the right pavilion it is possible to activate / deactivate the microphone using the appropriate key, as well as manage the volume. The microphone is integrated and unfortunately it cannot be extracted.


This is definitely the strong point (along with the price) of these headphones. The EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus are compatible with Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and 5, Windows 7 / 8 / 10, Xbox and any device with an input Type-C o USB-A.

How does she feel? | EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus review

It would be unfair to expect a high sound output from such a headset economic. However, the work is done to the best of their ability. If connected to the console, in my case PS4, the headphones behave in a manner flat, slightly accentuated low tones although for physical reasons (and quality) not overly pushed. Definitely an upgrade if you're used to gaming without headphones.

The speech changes slightly if you connect these headphones to the PC as the software di EX able to be able personalize audio to your liking. From the program it is also possible to take advantage of the Surround 7.1 and activate / deactivate theENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation). Don't expect miracles, but it's definitely a plus.

  • EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus Review: Budget Gaming Headphones


  • EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus Review: Budget Gaming Headphones


Conclusions and price

I found these EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus suitable for newbies and people who do not demand the maximum from their headphones. Definitely a product entry-level but that still positively modifies the gaming experience compared to having none. The price It's really competitive, about € 30 here is the link for the purchase.

If you want to take a look at the store, you can do it from here! 

What do you think of these EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading Road4Gamers to stay updated on the latest news and more.

7 Good price!

Points in favor

  • Personalization software
  • Transport bag
  • Weight/size
  • Price

Points against

  • Audio quality not excellent
  • Headband not very comfortable
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