SharkNinja: the American brand specializing in household appliances

SharkNinja, the American brand specializing in the household appliances sector, expands its business in Europe, and is ready to enter the homes of Spaniards, with innovative and technologically advanced products for home and personal care

Known for the design and production of best in class appliances, with particular attention to design and a strong vocation for technology, SharkNinja enters the Spanish market.

The company combines two top-of-the-range brands: Shark, Specializing in high-performance appliances, designed to meet the needs of clean and personal care. Ninja, recognized for solutions multifunctional dedicated to the kitchen, by the powerful blenders and food processors up to the wanted air fryers, multicookers and cooking devices, which make the preparation of food and drink.

SharkNinja has focused its business on using technology, research and development to offer consumers an unsurpassed standard of products premium and high quality. Designed and developed to make life at home easier and positively impact families around the world, every day.

Thanks to 3 Research and Development Hubs located in the UK, USA and China, SharkNinja creates a cycle of non-stop design which allows the company to quickly offer new ideas and solutions. Furthermore, in the development of its products, SharkNinja considers the numerous suggestions of its consumers and, also through multiple tests, offers products that can satisfy everyone's needs.

SharkNinja: the American brand specializing in household appliances

Shark: features a broad product portfolio

From the cordless and cordless vacuum cleaners, robots, steam mops and handheld vacuum cleaners, per offer valid and functional solutions against most hostile dirt and to be able to overcome the challenges that are encountered daily, in dealing with house cleaning. There is also a line dedicated to personal care withhairdryer, whose technologies are the result of careful internal planning and developed through in-depth consumer tests.

Among the latest innovations of Shark technology there is the special tubo Flexology, which allows the vacuum cleaners to fold easily and effortlessly to reach even the most hidden dirt, then passing through technology anti-tangle. Aunt Hairwrap which helps to avoid the formation of those annoying tangles on the brush roller of the vacuum cleaner, and to conclude the exclusive DuoClean head, which, thanks to the innovative design of the new bristles PowerFins, cleans without interruption, sliding smoothly on both carpets and floors.

The Ninja brand, on the other hand, enriches the kitchen spaces with multifunctional appliances, to live and interpret different needs. Transforming the experience of food preparation, thanks to the multiple functions contained in each appliance and automatic programs that do everything by themselves.

Ninja has developed powerful blenders and highly accurate food processors, as well as tools for versatile cooking, including multicookers, grills, air fryers and cooking devices that stimulate creativity, making easier and faster food preparation thanks to a large number of multiple functions. Each product is the result of in-house design and is designed to offer speed, power and ease of use.

The words of Tom Brown

Tom Brown, UK and Europe President commented:

Our vision has always been very simple: to innovate to create the best products for our customers. We are a dynamic company with a strong focus on research, innovation and user satisfaction. SharkNinja has already enjoyed great success in the United States and the United Kingdom, where our ability to foster an innovative thinking environment, simplify people's lives and provide high quality products, rated "5 stars" by our consumers, is well established. . During the pandemic, with consumers spending more time at home, the demand for appliances has increased considerably, so we see great potential for our brands in the Spanish market and are confident that the technology and innovation we are distinguish, in addition to quality products and excellent customer service, will certainly be appreciated.

Here are some of the product lines in detail Shark and Ninja, ready-to-use selected and suggested for the functionality and practicality with which it is possible to “furnish” and “live” your home.

SharkNinja: the American brand specializing in household appliances

IZ320EUT: Electric broom

Shark IZ320EUT, is a cordless electric broom technological, foldable and light, suitable for cleaning the whole house. Thanks to the high suction power, to the two motorized brushes DuoClean and new bristles PowerFins, this broom cleans all types of floors, picking up even the most stubborn dirt in a single pass. The anti-tangle Anti Hair Wrap technology removes hair and hair from the brush during suction and the special Flexology tube allows it to bend easily and effortlessly.

Il display smart a LED shows the remaining charge and also allows you to select the type of surface (from marble to carpets) by alternating different power and suction modes. Shark's anti-allergen system captures and traps 99,9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner, ensuring a healthier and safer environment. The dual battery system ensures a long autonomy and it is possible to recharge the removable battery in any corner of the house.

SharkNinja: the American brand specializing in household appliances

Shark AI 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

SHARK RV2500SEU, and a robot vacuum cleaner highly technological and with a powerful suction level, which offers solutions for all types of homes and needs. It is equipped with a self-cleaning motorized brush roller with bristles Powerfins, enhanced with anti-tangle technology, Anti Hair Wrap to remove hair and hair from the brush while vacuuming.

The advanced navigation sensor LIDAR, with 360° laser create a map of the house and allows him to methodically clean all the rooms of the house, independently until the container is filled integrated dust collector, then return to the base and empty itself.

Activatable through smartphone or voice control using Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant,  or through theapp SharkClean, it is also possible to control and program cleaning in advance with the possibility of selecting specific areas in which to activate the UltraClean mode to obtain up to 30% cleaning. All with an autonomy of 120 minutes.

SharkNinja: the American brand specializing in household appliances

Shark Klik 'n' Flip S6003EU automatic steam mop

The Shark Klik 'n' Flip automatic steam mop is Shark's most advanced steam cleaning system for hard floors. It has three smart steam settings, for a cleaning precise, profound and targeted without the use of additives or chemicals. It is ideal for all types of sealed floors, including parquet, marble, tile and stone and can clean a double floor area by simply flipping the head.

SharkNinja: the American brand specializing in household appliances

Shark WandVac 2.0 WV270EU cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

Designed with a high efficiency motor, to provide more power and more suction, this small handheld vacuum cleaner allows you to enjoy all the advantages of a fast and next-generation cleaning. From the sleek and slim design, it is perfect to be put on display and be usable throughout the house, thanks to weight of just 700g,  to the double suction mode. THE 2 practical accessories included make it great for not just picking crumbs in the kitchen or hair on the sofa, but also for cleaning the car, reaching up to 15 minutes of autonomy.

SharkNinja: the American brand specializing in household appliances

Shark HD120SLEU Hair Dryer

Shark STYLE iQ, is the'hairdryer that combines the power ofquick asciugatura with new generation intelligent technology, generating hot ionized air at high speed for quick drying without heat damage. You can choose your own Style IQ, directly to your home, thanks to the unique combination of iQ technology and expertly designed smart styling accessories, such as the styling brush, concentrator nozzle and diffuser.

Ninja Foodi 7,6L AF300EU Dual Zone Air Fryer

The Ninja Foodi air fryer from 7,6 L, it is not a simple air fryer but much more. Has 6 cooking mode (Max Crisp, roasted, baked, for heating, drying and for air frying) and, thanks to the SYNC function, allows you to cook 2 dishes in 2 different ways, completing both cooking at the same time to make delicious meals in no time. For those with a large family, however, it is possible to double the number of portions thanks to the MATCH function.

SharkNinja: the American brand specializing in household appliances

Ninja Foodi MAX AG551EU Grill and Air Fryer

The Foodi MAX grill and air fryer is the appliance with great capabilities, for precise cooking and perfect results. Also suitable for barbecue lover, it is perfect for indoors, thanks to the integrated grill plate in cast aluminum, where you can enjoy the aroma of authentic embers without having to think about classic smoke of outdoor barbecues.

With its Smart Cook, nothing is left to chance, it is possible to grill meat and fish according to your tastes. The digital temperature sensor continuously monitors the temperature of the food during cooking and alerts you when it can be taken from the device. The Foodi MAX grill also has 6 preset functions, that allow you to cook and enjoy any type of dish in your favorite way.

SharkNinja: the American brand specializing in household appliances

Cream Ninja NC300EU ice cream maker

The Ninja Creami NC300EU ice cream maker is the appliance capable of create and customize summer delicacies, homemade, light or more delicious depending on the circumstance or meal of the day, transforming everything (or almost everything) into ice cream. The preparation is really simple, just fill the jar with the ingredients, freeze for 24 hours, and thanks to the Ninja ice cream maker Create me whipping to perfection in a few minutes.

Using the program Extra it is also possible to customize the level of delicacy (and calories), distributing it evenly chocolate chips, candies, hazelnuts or crumbled cookies, to have an even tastier delight. Thanks to 6 preset programs (Ice cream, homemade ice cream, sorbet, smoothie, light ice cream and milkshake) it is possible to prepare not only ice cream, but also drinks, desserts and sorbets for every occasion and time of day. The components are all removable and easily dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

SharkNinja: the American brand specializing in household appliances

Power Nutri Blender with Smart Torque and Auto-iQ CB350EU

From the latest generation design, the Ninja Foodi blender combines 3 revolutionary appliances in 1, to satisfy any need in the kitchen. I 6 programs Auto-iQ with which it is equipped they do everything independently. Cut, purée, mix dough for pizza, bread, biscuits and prepare excellent smoothies, cocktails with ice, sauces and drinks to be enjoyed directly from the convenient Power Nutri carafe.

The Ninja Foodi 3-in-1 blender, thanks to the 1200W Smart Torque motor and integrated spatula, is able to blend all the hardest and thickest ingredients without getting stuck and without the need to shake or mix.

Availability of SharkNinja products

Shark and Ninja products are available directly through i respective e-commerce by clicking on and, or through As a physical channel the products SharkNinja they are also distributed by Activate Spa and on sale at i MediaWorld from all over Spain.

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