Sharp: here are the autumn / winter 2024 news

With the arrival of the cold seasons, Sharp offers us some news to accompany users in the name of health and well-being

As regards the air treatment, The series UD of dehumidifiers advanced and efficient is ideal for increasing environmental comfort, reducing humidity and helping to alleviate the symptoms of allergies. To personalize the home atmosphere, the ultrasonic aroma diffuser DF-A1E-W. Let's find out everything in this dedicated article.

Sharp: here are the autumn / winter 2024 news

Sharp UD Series dehumidifiers: designed to improve everyday life

The dehumidifiers ensure that there is always a level of humidity in the interior healthy and comfortable. These devices, in particular, can help improve the daily life of sufferers allergies, eliminating dust mites and pollen and, also preventing the appearance of molds and mushrooms.

In this way it is possible to significantly reduce the breathing problems, but also the possible damage to homes, thus improving the quality of life, health and home comfort. No less important, dehumidifiers can be used to facilitate work at home: by absorbing the humidity present in the surrounding environment, in fact, they allow clothes to dry more quickly, thus preventing the appearance of bad smells.

La uD series, consists of two different models: theUD-P16E-W e l’UD-P20E-W. Both are available in color White and have a noise level of only 48 decibels. Light, thin and compact, are designed to take up minimal space in the home. The design modern and slightly shiny and the white shell make them suitable for any environment.

The use is simple and intuitive: it is possible to easily select the various functions using the buttons located in the upper part of the dehumidifiers. A small displayit also indicates the current humidity level. The UD series is equipped with an automatic restart function, useful in the event of a power failure; thanks to it, the devices restart automatically and continue to work with the previously configured settings once the power source is restored.

Sharp: here are the autumn / winter 2024 news

Availability and prices

The Sharp UD-P16E-W dehumidifier has a capacity of 16 L per day, while the UD-P20E-W has a capacity of well 20 L per day. Both have a built-in water tank from 3,8 L and, require a power supply of 230 - 240 VAC at approximately 50 Hz. UD-P16E-W and UD-P20E-W have a warranty of 24 months (within the EU). The measurements of the two models are 355 x 567 x 259 (W x H x D in mm), both have a weight of approx 15,5 kg on the roof!.

UD Series dehumidifiers will be available in leading electronics stores and on Amazon, starting with 2024 at a recommended price of 249 € (UD-P16E-W) e 299 € (OUT-P20E-W).

Sharp: here are the autumn / winter 2024 news

Aroma Diffuser Ultrasonic DF-A1E-W

'Sautumn 2024, also returns the diffuser of ultrasonic flavorings DF-A1E-W, perfect for increasing the comfort of the home environment and personalizing the atmosphere according to needs. It is an innovative model that, thanks to a unique design and the tank from ben 200ml releases a fine mist of perfume into the atmosphere.

The Sharp aroma diffuser, now also available in two new colors glamour Black e Taupe, creates a relaxing atmosphere. The pleasant flame effect and the possibility of adding aromatic oils have benefits on physical and mental well-being. Three light settings Amber colored LED allow you to easily adjust the brightness in the room.

Sharp: here are the autumn / winter 2024 news

Automatic restart function

Sharp DF-A1E-W, is equipped with a function of automatic restart, which can be used in conjunction with a smart socket and a voice control, thus allowing the aroma to be continuously diffused at home. In addition, the function of autospegnimento, ensures that the diffuser turns off safely once the water tank is emptied. The Aroma Diffuser is sold with a USB cable it's a AC adapter, which make it easy to connect to one USB port or to a normal power outlet.

The Aroma Diffuser DF-A1E-W, is available in the best electronics stores and on Amazon, at a recommended price of 39 €. For more information, you can visit the dedicated website.

What do you think of these innovations to accompany users in the name of health and well-being, with the arrival of the cold seasons proposed by Sharp? Let us know below in the comments. Don't forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and stay connected on {marca_origen}.

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