Guide to buying a used smartphone

Guide to buying a used smartphone

Finding a much-desired smartphone at an affordable price is the dream of many enthusiasts who cannot afford to buy it new from the factory. Knowing how to choose the most attractive offer is essential to avoid running into unpleasant situations.

Buy a smartphone used not only allows you to save considerably on the purchase price, but above all to avoid investing a capital for the purchase of a smartphone that will perhaps be depreciated drastically after the release of the new model.

But what are the rules to keep in mind to avoid running into many of the scams for the purchase of a smartphone used? Before buying a used smartphone, it is necessary to evaluate various fundamental factors, that is to consider both the sales channel and the seller, but also to establish the right price and absolutely avoid buying counterfeit or stolen phones.

How to choose the model of the smartphone used

The market of used smartphones it is extremely large and particularly well-stocked, every year and in every season it is enriched with models and variants.

That's why before buy the model that you prefer it is important to inform yourself in advance on the features that best suit your needs, narrowing the field on at least two models. In this way it is possible to focus on a focused and limited research.

Once the technical features that the used smartphone that we want to buy must have, it is essential to also focus on narrowing the field on a smartphone not older than 2 or 3 years, given that the manufacturers update their models every 8 - 12 months.

Investing money in the purchase of an outdated smartphone model would mean taking advantage of a significant drop in performance, as well as the impossibility of not being able to benefit from system updates.

Which channels to use to buy a used smartphone?

Once you have chosen the model and brand of the smartphone that best suits our needs, it is then essential to select the sales channel that is the most reliable and safe for your purchase.

A great starting point to start getting an idea about prices of used smartphones it is precisely the advertisements present on the various ad sites. In this circumstance, the sale is entrusted to the mutual trust between the parties, but in these cases, being a dark sale for both parties, the scam could be around the corner, so it is better to organize real appointments to be able to view the smartphone.

Amazon to find the best used smartphone deals

Unlike advertisements that can prove to be absolutely unreliable, one of the best sales channels for the purchase of used smartphones is precisely the online sales portals such as Amazon that allow customers to buy with greater security.

Buyers and sellers must necessarily be registered on the portal, and each of them are evaluated on the basis of the various transactions through which scores and feedback are attributed.

A high feedback is a guarantee for the seller but also for the buyer, who will be able to deal with the sale with greater serenity. To find the best smartphone deals used just enter carefully the model and brand chosen, and check the options "used" from the filters, in this way it will be possible to view the best offers both from an economic point of view and based on the seller's feedback.

With the age of social networks these channels can become excellent platforms for buying and selling used smartphones. Entering a request for a specific smartphone model allows you to check if there is someone among your friends who sells it directly.

But through social media it is preferable to start trading with people you know, who certainly have more guarantees than a stranger. You can learn more about the topic on how to do business on Amazon here on

Buy a used smartphone with greater security

Regardless of the sales channel used to purchase one smartphone used, the common advice is to meet the seller personally in order to directly view and try the smartphone to be purchased. The meeting must be organized in a public and frequented place, avoiding evening hours or places that are too isolated.

Before going to the meeting place, it is essential to inform the seller of the desire to try the smartphone in person by inserting his SIM card, in this way it is possible to discover the smartphone is blocked by the company phone that sold it.

It is also good to test the correct functioning of the charging socket and the performance of the battery before purchasing. During the operation of inserting the SIM it is essential to inspect the interior of the smartphone, checking the status of the various components and of the battery, detecting the presence of any scratches or dents.

Also try to test the earphones, checking the connectors in case they might be damaged, or if there are scratches or damage to the screen or camera.

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