Why choose QSFPTEK as your 10G SFP + supplier

Are you looking for optical transceivers? A great choice would be QSFPTEK with its 10G SFP + transceivers

Optical transceiver modules are small but indispensable devices in optical communication applications. Over the past 20 years, optical transceiver modules developed rapidly, passando da 1G SFP a 10G SFP+, 25G SFP28, 40G QSFP+, 100G QSFP28, persino 200G QSFP56 e 400G QSFP-DD.

Today, data centers around the world are evolving towards higher data rates and bandwidth, around 40G / 100G. However, updating data centers is a long and gradual process; rather than upgrading all devices, many SEMs take a transient upgrade approach to upgrade the network by stacking 10G switches, whereby 10G SFP + optical transceivers and switches they are still common in many small and medium-sized data centers. Optical transceiver costs are known to be high when purchased from OEM suppliers. Instead, third-party optical transceivers are more affordable and have nearly identical performance to OEM optical transceivers, so choosing a reliable 10G SFP + supplier is very important.

Why choose QSFPTEK as your 10G SFP + supplier

Optical transceivers: our investigation

We researched major third party optical transceiver manufacturers, including FS.COM, Addonnetworks, Optcore, Prolabs, and QSFPTEK. From the research and in-depth tests we have drawn the five criteria listed below:

  • Extensive product portfolio: There are various types of 10G SFP + modules, duplex and simplex (BiDi SFP +), copper (10GBASE-T SFP +) and optical fiber (10GBASE-SR / LR / ER, etc.), singlemode and multimode fiber and multiplexing wave division (CWDM SFP +, DWDM SFP +). An ideal 10G SFP + manufacturer should have a full range of 10G SFP + products to meet different customer needs.
  • Comprehensive performance test system: A rigorous performance testing system is required to ensure reliable performance. Routine and necessary tests of an SFP + transceiver include optical power, receive sensitivity, eye diagram, bit error rate (BER), high and low temperature tests, etc. To verify the performance and reliability of optical transceivers, it is very helpful to check the SFP + 10G vendor's test system and the availability of a test report.
  • Wide compatibility: There are several brands of Ethernet switches and NICs, such as Cisco, Juniper, HPE, Ubiquiti and more; Ensuring broad compatibility of SFP modules is critical to making sure that SFP + modules function properly on devices.
  • Warranty, after-sales service and technical support: Optical transceivers are hardware products, product error problems will inevitably appear, providing perfect after-sales service and technical support, such as installation, adjustment and troubleshooting are also important goals to measure a qualified manufacturer of SFP + 10G.
  • Price: Considering all of the above criteria, we searched for the most affordable SFP + transceivers. Buying a single SFP + module may not save much, but data centers typically have a large demand for optical modules, and total expenses will be significantly saved if you choose the cheapest SFP manufacturer.

Our choice: QSFPTEK

QSFPTEK is a fiber optic transceiver brand that can provide reliable and high performance SFP / SFP + / QSFP / QSFP28 optical modules for SMB users. Features a full line of 10G SFP +, including simple SFP +, SFP + duplex, SFP + singlemode, SFP + multimode, as well as wavelength from 850 nm to 1550 nm and network range options from 30m to 100km. Specific product models include 10GBASE-SR / LR / ER / ZR, 10GBASE-T RJ45 Copper SFP +, 10G BiDi SFP +, 10G CWDM SFP +, 10G DWDM SFP +, etc. You can select the right SFP + according to your needs. In addition, QSFPTEK also offers Fiber Optic Cables, Mux Demux CWDM / DWDM, Network Media Converters, etc.

QSFPTEK developed a rigorous system of performance and compatibility testing. Each SFP module must pass a series of rigorous tests before leaving the factory, including optical power test, receive sensitivity test, eye diagram test, bit error rate (BER) test, the high-low temperature test, etc. Their test lab is equipped with most major brand devices, including Ethernet switches and NICs, to check SFP compatibility with target OEM devices. Since QSFPTEK has its own factory, it is able to reduce the distance between producer and consumer and provide consumers with SFP optical modules at affordable prices. If you run into problems after purchasing their SFPs, their technical team will help you troubleshoot. In addition, it provides 30-day return policy and 3-year free warranty to ensure a risk-free shopping experience.

Why choose QSFPTEK as your 10G SFP + supplier

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