The Division 2 Specialization Guide

Specializations are a fundamental aspect of The Division 2 endgame. In view of the new content arriving for Year 1 we have compiled a guide that can guide you in a short time in the choice of the Specialization best suited for your needs. If you are looking for help on how to get started you can consult the advice in this article, while if you need a hand with the raid you can read our dedicated guide and the opinions on Operation Heart of the Night in our review. The article will be updated step by step with the publication of new Specializations and updates.

Specializations become accessible once you reach level 30 (level cap) and after completing the Strongholds. They are available at the counter next to the Quartermaster, in the White House, and can be exchanged at any time as long as they are accessed from the operations center. The three Specializations included in the base game - Survival Expert, Demolition Expert and Hawkeye - are immediately available to all players, while the fourth, Machine Gunner, is effortlessly accessible for all owners of the Year 1 Pass and obtainable through missions on the Special Research field for all the others.

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The Machine Gunner made his official entrance with Update 4 which brought other significant changes to the game dynamics. The most obvious is the interface that now features a new vertical bar next to the bullet count: it is the Specialization ammo indicator. Killing enemies affected by status ailments, finishing them with headshots and performing actions related to the Specialization, the new gauge will be filled more quickly. This solution stems from the random effect of the ammo drop. The other Specializations also received substantial improvements and buffs.

The Division 2 Specialization Guide

Background information on Specializations

Each Specialization grants access, in addition to a distinctive weapon and pistol, to a a number of advantages obtainable by completing the specific skill tree for each role. These are additional bonuses that can improve the stats of your build depending on the style of play:

  • Passive feats that improve the effectiveness of the signature weapon
  • A unique variant of grenade
  • One Pistol Upgrade
  • Upgrades and mods for tactical item (drone, homing mine, turret, banshee)
  • A Tactical Link Talent: Can be affected by teammate positioning
  • A unique talent related to armor kits
  • Bonus for different weapon archetypes (maximum 3 out of 7 archetypes are active at the same time)
  • A passive talent for obtaining special ammo
  • A passive talent for generating ammo for the team

How to get Specialization points

A complete skill tree in The Division 2 requires 165 points which can be earned by completing the following outdoor:

  • Daily missions
  • VIP missions
  • Invasion or Stronghold Missions
  • Bounties / Targets
  • Capturing an Outpost with Alert Level 4

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Survival expert

The Division 2 Specialization Guide

The Survival Expert is equipped with an explosive bolt crossbow that is effective against armored enemies. The peculiarity of the Agents who use this Specialization is that they can also focus on a more supportive role thanks to mine in search of restorative which repairs the allied armor and the mod infusion of larrea tridentata which increases their ability to cure. Passive feats as a Triage Specialist also increase the ability to heal others.

The other strength is the ability to inflict status effects and amplify damage against status-affected enemies. There incendiary grenade inflicts Fire on targets within its range and the Tactical link allows the party to do 10% bonus damage against enemies affected by some status change. Killing these enemies is the fastest way to reload both personal and group ammo bars.

Demolition expert

The Division 2 Specialization Guide

The demolition expert is a great ally in attacking and exposing enemies, in fact the explosive grenades of his M32A1 Loader Grenade Launcher bounce and can intercept enemies in cover. Combined with the talent that allows group members to do extra damage against targets in the open, proves to be the winning choice against opponents who are reluctant to abandon their position.

The demolition expert's focus is all on raw power and area damage, he can increase the explosive damage of grenades, abilities and effects, while the fragmentation grenade supplied deals damage to anyone hit by the blast and causes Bleeding. Killing with an explosion rewards by increasing the ammo bar or rewards the whole party if the kills are multiple.

Hawk eye

The Division 2 Specialization Guide

Hawkeye is the Specialization for Agents who try to eliminate enemies silently and from a distance with a precise shot of their TAC-50 C. The sniper of the group, however, is not only an invisible deadly machine indeed, he is the watchful eye of the team that thanks to the tactical drone can identify and mark hostile targets by reporting them on the HUD of the whole team.

La Granata Flashbang you can stun enemies by causing Blindness, a valid diversion to cover your companions in advance, who will also get a bonus headshots from the tactical link because they are closer to us than the enemy. In cover, Hawkeye is more resistant and regenerates ammo for both sniper and rifle weapons.

Machine guns

The Division 2 Specialization Guide

The Machine Gunner is equipped with a Minigun capable of inflicting a good amount of damage sustained over time thanks to the Barrage perk that increases rate of fire for 5 seconds with each kill. Just as the demolition expert could use his grenades to flush out even covered enemies, the gunner specializes in uncovering enemies with the help of the Banshee, a refined version of the Impulse. The effect of the gadget confuses enemies hit and penetrates through cover.

The gunner is the closest class to a tank that benefits from the synergy of builds that focus on improving armor. When the minigun is pulled out you get a armor bonus for each distinctive bullet loaded into the firearm. With a full magazine the bonus is 50%, each hit also restores 1% armor. There cannot be only advantages, which is why when you have the weapon in your hand you can't dash, take cover, or dodge by rolling.

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