Samsung: the news of Home Hub for 2024

At CES 2024 Samsung presents its Samsung Home Hub project, increasingly innovative and smart, for an increasingly innovative and connected home

Samsung announced a series of sustainability initiatives for 2024, accelerating the development of environmentally friendly appliances. Thanks to these innovations, Samsung intends to act for the environment through innovative products and services that can be applied in everyday life. Novelties range from product innovations that introduce more environmentally conscious features to a sustainable packaging that reduces waste. 

But the news does not end here, because a AI-based device, with touch screen and integrated with SmartThings, able to generate a connected and personalized home experience that meets the needs of the whole family. The launch of Samsung Home Hub, represents a new way to manage household appliances using an innovative touch device similar to a tablet which allows you to access personalized and connected services dedicated to the home at any time.

Samsung Home Hub offers a improved connectivity for a whole range of smart appliances and leverages AI and SmartThings to understand the needs of users and automatically provide the right solutions. In this way it helps users to manage the chores and duties of the house with greater agility, using a shared device to which all family members have access. 

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Samsung: the news of Home Hub for 2024

Samsung Home Hub will have reached every corner of the house by connecting to all smart appliances, and it will be possible to manage the daily routine, do chores and take care of the house from a single device. Its functions of home control offer a global view of the entire connected home and allow you to manage everything with ease.

Already from the launch, Samsung Home Hub will be able to connect to any product of the SmartThings ecosystem, therefore also to Samsung's smart appliances. Direct connectivity to other devices will also be available soon that are part of the smart home system, such as lights and locks.

Samsung Home Hub creates seamless connectivity within the smart home and makes life easier for users because it understands their preferences and sets up smart home appliances and appliances accordingly. The connectivity of our devices and the intuitive interface of Samsung Home Hub allow everyone to quickly do all their household chores

Hyesoon Yang, Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience del Digital Appliances Business di Samsung Electronics.

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This is an absolute novelty that brings together a wide range of customized and AI-based SmartThings services and allows you to control them from a single dedicated device thanks to Samsung Home Hub. These SmartThings services are divided into categories dedicated to cooking, laundry, animals, air and energy, to which is added Home Care Wizard.

SmartThings Cooking makes dinner easier, allowing you to search for recipes for the week, plan, shop and cook in comfort thanks to Family Hub. When it's time to do the laundry, SmartThings Clothing Care connects for example to the Bespoke washer and dryer and to the AirDresser, from the same range, to provide customized alternatives based on the material of the garments, the habits of use and the season. In addition, SmartThings Pet allows you to control your pets thanks to the smart camera on Jet Bot AI + from the Bespoke range, and to change the settings of devices such as the air conditioner to make them feel better.

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SmartThings Air automatically dehumidifies the air and connects to the air conditioner and purifier to manage the air quality in the home according to user preferences. To help save on consumption, SmartThings Energy, present on Samsung Home Hub, analyzes consumption patterns and takes advantage of the energy saving mode, equipped with artificial intelligence, to help reduce costs. And to have everything in sight, SmartThings Home Care Wizard monitors all smart devices, sending a notification when it's time to replace something and acting as a guide in case of problems.

Available in Korea, the UK and the US. Users can track and monitor energy consumption data using smart meters, using energy providers and monitoring services such as KEPCO (Korea), DCC (United Kingdom) and Copper Labs and Eyedro (United States).

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Samsung Home Hub is a exclusive 8,4 ”tablet that can be used from its dock or from anywhere in the house. Samsung Home Hub voice control is entrusted to two microphones and two speakers, to hear all notifications and use the Bixby voice commands. Any questions can be asked at Bixby. Samsung Home Hub is, in fact, equipped with high-performance microphones that allow it to pick up commands from every point of the room from the dock.

In recognition of the innovation it represents, on the eve of CES 2024, Samsung Home Hub received the CES Innovation Award, awarded by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Samsung Home Hub will be available in Korea in March, and worldwide to follow. With a view to contributing to a better use of energy and promoting a sustainable lifestyle, Samsung has also entered into a partnership with Q-CELLS to implement a new Zero Energy Home Integration function for SmartThings Energy. This feature provides production and storage data from solar panels and energy storage systems to help users aiming for energy independence.

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SmartThings Energy monitors the energy use of connected devices and advises users how to reduce it based on the consumption patterns detected. By partnering with Wattbuy in the US and Uswitch in the UK, SmartThings Energy allows users to switch to the most affordable energy provider in their area.

Samsung the amount of recycled plastic used in household appliances will also increase. To achieve this, it will extend the use of recycled plastics for both internal and external components. Raising the bar in terms of the use of recycled plastic in household appliances, going from 5% in 2021 to 30% in 2024, which equates to an increase from 25.000 tons in the year just ended to 158.000 tons in 2024.

Also, Samsung has developed a new type of recycled polypropylene for washing machine baskets. Using waste polypropylene and polyethylene, sourced from items such as lunch boxes and mask elastics, Samsung has created a new recycled resin that resists external stress better.

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To conclude the cycle of development of renewable energy and eco-sustainability, he then extended the use of eco-packaging to a wider range of products, which includes, among others, household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens and air purifiers. In this way, consumers will have the opportunity to give a new life to the packaging of the items they buy.

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