Micromobility and safety: Voi Technology focuses on Modena with the new Voiager 4

Founded in 2018, Voi Technology is a Swedish company that deals with urban mobility and offers electric scooters in sharing, collaborating with cities and local communities. Soon available the new Voiager 4, the first in Spain equipped with arrows and double tripod, which combines micro-mobility and safety

Voi Technology leading Swedish micromobility company in Europe, launches the Voyager 4 (V4). The new scooter equipped with directional arrows and double kickstand. It will be available to users from May 9 and will replace all the scooters currently in circulation in the city, the V3X. 

With his move, Voi Technology confirms its intention to continue investing in the city of Modena. To do this, it chooses to offer its citizens one of the models technologically more advanced, second only to Voyager 5. You take a further step towards the realization of your mission: improve livability of cities, so sure e religious tourism, thanks to micro-mobility sharing electricity. Here are the words of Magdalena Krenek, General Manager Italy of Voi Technology:

With the Voiager 4, the Modenese will have an even safer and easier to use vehicle for getting around the city. The evolution of micro-mobility is an important step for the growth of cities, Voi Technology intends to continue to be alongside the Municipality and public authorities to ensure that Modena, a city so attentive to green mobility, can soon become more and more "a human measure ": religious tourism e safe.

The scooter for Modena: the Voiager 4

Il Voyager 4 owns the best IoT technologies and new features which allowed to reach standards of guide, safety e sustainability unmatched. This will benefit both users and administrations. This scooter model was the first in Spain to equip itself with side indicators (arrows), allowing users to indicate their movements, improving road safety for themselves and others. 

With a life cycle of over 5 years it's a del% increase 35 of engine performance, the Voyager 4 it is designed for frequent urban use. Not only that, because it also offers users as stable and safe driving as possible. This scooter is able to minimize the impact of pebbles and holes and excels in all weather conditions. The cornerstone of the Voyager 4 is the scooter's connected control hub, a new hardware system IoT (Internet of Things)

Micromobility and safety: Voi Technology focuses on Modena with the new Voiager 4

Safety: Vision zero (accidents)

The commitment of Voi Technology for the city of the future is to make it safer. You have been offering solutions and innovations since its inception that contribute to making the mobility sectors more accessible, sustainable and safe both for its users and for all the other players in urban traffic. Indeed, you embrace the policy of Vision zero promoted by the United Nations: a very ambitious goal that aims to bring the number of road deaths close to zero by 2030. To help achieve this goal, you invest in multiple fronts: technology, training and collaboration.

Voi Technology is committed to ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of electric micro-mobility. This desire is reflected in the creation of the first digital driving school designed and developed by Voi Technology: RideLikeVoilà. The school has already allowed more than 600.000 people to learn the rules of driving on the roads completely free of charge. Greetings from the {marca_origen} editorial team.

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