How to play ARK: Survival Evolved with all DLCs - Download and install all DLCs

Game development companies have been very aware of this which is why they currently have an upgrade or expansion system for video games called DLC or Downloadable Content, which means downloadable content.

This may be both free for some games and paid for others, but there allows us to enjoy all the updates and expansions of our video games favorites by simply installing their DLC from our computer or game console.

How to play ARK: Survival Evolved with all DLCs - Download and install all DLCs

What are the DLCs?

The acronym DLC stands for DownLoadable Content, which in its Spanish translation means downloadable content or downloadable content. This is a released digital data file. Usually they are created for a specific video game, these are distributed over the Internet.

Basically, DLCs are game expansions that allow game developers to keep their users interested in them, thanks to the fact that they can be revamped and include some perks that the original game doesn't have.

The content of the DLC varies by price and vice versa, it can allow you to integrate new characters into your video game as well as new paths, new worlds, new weapons, new missions, as well as being limited to only including clothing and accessories for your existing version of the video game.

There are video games that release their DLC from time to time to update some of its qualities or extend its version. The price of the DLC is in according to each game. However, there are some that are totally free, others are obtained automatically when you buy the special edition of the video game or book the game, the DLCs represent the additional content for the games that are sold separately from them.

How to download and install DLC on Steam?

Steam is one of the platforms for video game lovers, considered one of the best. To create a Steam account with the games we just need register us on its official website, for free and from there we will associate an account where all the games we buy will be registered.

To download the DLC we want from a computer, it is the same procedure as when we buy the video game, however we can already have the video game and download the DLC directly from the Steam store.

For many users of this platform it is easier to purchase the DLC from its library, for this we only have to access the game library, select the game we want to expand, then in the central panel look for DLC, select it on the page that opens and from there the same purchase procedure as the base game. After you've already downloaded it, it should appear at the bottom of our library.

If what we want is install DLC from a console such as a PlayStation, we just have to go to its purchase library, select the item we want and buy it, from there select the download option. It is important to note that if an amount referring to a price appears instead of the download option, it is because the item was not detected as purchased.

How to play ARK: Survival Evolved with all DLCs - Download and install all DLCs

How to download all DLC to play ARK: Survival Evolved?

To play ARK: Survival Evolved with all DLCs installed there are several options. In all we must have Steam active. After the first way we have to install Tek Launcher, go to our Steam, select the DLC option, select the one we want to download and that's it.

There is another way in which, in addition to having Steam active, download Arkouda and have the video game ARK: Survival Evolved or the video game ARK: Survival Of The Fittes updated. Next, we select option number 8 which is the DLC and from there we can add the best ARK: Survival Evolved maps that are coming out in the DLC.

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