How to do day or night in ARK: Survival Evolved? - Change the time in ARK

In the same way that there are CMX commands for networks in Windows, there are command tools that you can take advantage of within ARK to change the time and make it day or night. We will show you an easy and simple way to change the time within the game, so you can do the day or night as you please in ARK: Advanced Survival Game.

How to change the time in ARK?

To be able to change the time within the game, devi alone enter the following command: CHEAT WEEK FDAY 12:00 0 0.

Remember the game it is not case sensitive e lowercase, then you can enter the command using either option without any problem. What you should do is enter it with the same amount of spaces as shown by the command.

How to do day or night in ARK: Survival Evolved? - Change the time in ARK

Similarly, to set the time you want within ARK: Advanced Survival, you just have to enter the time you want it to be in the command section that says "12:00". Since this game manages the time format HH: MM, or Hours: Minutes.

If you use a console to play ARK: advanced survival, don't worry, it's not much more complicated than organizing games in folders on PS4. You just need to log in and locate the Settimeofday X section. In this case, that's the X you need change at the time you want set, in HH: MM format.

How can I ARK day or night?

The survival and strategy game ARK: Evolved Survival is ideal for those who originally had preferences for strategy games to play without an internet connection on Android.

You should know that the only way that entering the command in the ARK game is effective is by activation of the option administrator registration while creating the new game. You must do this before entering any commands, be it from a PC, Xbox One, or PS4.

So you can change from day to night or vice versa in ARK: advanced survival, devi alone enter the command that we have already shown you. For example, if it is day in ARK and you want it to be midnight, you just need to enter the command as follows: CHEAT SETTIMEOFDAY 00:00 0 0.

How to do day or night in ARK: Survival Evolved? - Change the time in ARK

Remember that the time format used by the video game is HH: MM, also, it is not case sensitive. Search alone to be careful when entering spaces of commands. This time change command will allow you to switch from day to night within the ARK game or from night to day, depending on what you want to do.

If this command fails on your PC, make sure you have activated the option of registration of the administrator, otherwise we recommend that you clean and optimize your PC to speed it up.

What is the use of changing the time or making day or night in ARK: Survival evolved?

That command that we show you only serves to change the time in the game, that is, it can make it day or night in the game. But you can't keep time going. For example, if you have to wait a certain amount of time while it incubates a dinosaur egg, you cannot choose to enter a specific time in the command and wait until the necessary time for incubation has already elapsed as this is not the case.

This command to change the day or night in ARK is useful in case you have to do some construction and it is night, if you change the time to make the day this it will help you visualize better the details of the game.

Likewise, if there is an event where there are certain benefits that you could only get during the day, or only during the night. You can use this command to change the tempo within the game and increase your chances of get bonuses special in the game.

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