How to create or have two Nintendo Accounts to play in Mario Kart Tour

What is Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour about?

It is a karting race where the different Mario Bros characters compete against each other; racing through trapped tracks, evading the powers of other players, and using your own to outrun the others.

The difficulty it is classified according to the displacement (50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 200cc). The pieces are grouped by cups (16 in total of 4 pieces each); since Mario Kart Tour has the traces of all previous versions, in addition to his own.

How to create or have two Nintendo Accounts to play in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour collects the characters of Mario Bros and also other games like Donkey Kong; adding more than 100 in total; all with different aspects and powers. Characters are unlocked as you progress through the game and others can be purchased from the shop.

What should I know before playing Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour?

The gameplay is similar in all characters; these they are classified according to their rarity. The rarer the character we get, the better the points and rewards we will earn by playing with them.

There are 3 levels of rarity: Common (gray), Singular (mustard yellow) and Megasingular (purple). Each character has a skill that he masters better than the others; such as the fire flower, the triple green shell, the mushroom cannon, among others.

Explore every skill and character to find the one that fits your play style. The experience you will gain as you play will help you participate in competitive leagues and 34 different seasonal cups.

Le drinks and the seasonal tour give better rewards ; there are between 2 and 3 seasons each month. They are inspired by party or place themes, such as Halloween, New Year, New York, Paris and many more.

How to create or have 2 Nintendo Accounts to play Mario Kart Tour?

To play Mario Kart Tour we will need 2 things, an internet connection and a Nintendo Account. Creating these accounts is very simple and you can do it from your website or mobile application.

How to create or have two Nintendo Accounts to play in Mario Kart Tour

Perhaps for some reason, you find yourself needing to create or have 2 Nintendo Accounts to play in Mario Kart Tour; it is possible, because the game offers you 2 different options to create an account Nintendo. Once you have created your account, you will play as you please; You can even mirror your Android mobile screen to a Smart TV.

You can create an account by affiliating your email from their website; Through the form that appears when you press the red button that says "I don't have a Nintendo account (Click here to create one)".

THE other way is with your social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Google). But you have to do it within the application, by pressing the yellow "Create a Nintendo Account" button; there put your date of birth and press "Submit".

In the next part they will ask you to enter your email; but alternatively, you can press the blue button with your social network logo, where it says: "If you use some of these services, it will be even easier to create a Nintendo Account". But always with caution, to avoid that the mobile phone gets very hot during games.

There are no more excuses for not attending Mario Kart Tour; Share this information with your contacts, so that they can stick together and have many hours of fun. Obviously, trying to create an account in Discord from the Android mobile; to keep in touch during the competition.

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