CoD Warzone: how to find elves and kill them

In this new guide we will find out how to find the elves in Call of Duty Warzone, how to kill them and what are the rewards that can be obtained

Holidays are one of the players' favorite times for engage in hours of undisturbed gaming, thanks to the numerous days of vacation and the holidays set aside during the year. However, although these moments are extremely crucial for videogame studios, as their games return to be populated by users, it is not uncommon to forget that they too would actually be entitled to some rest. This was an aspect that caused a lot of fuss in the Battlefield 2042 community, and the development team at DICE found themselves covered in complaints about the addition of the Christmas event and the lack of bug fixes in the game.

And despite Call of Duty having very similar issues, it seems to have fared a little better than those released within this series, with Vanguard and Warzone respectively receiving a new update on December 16. Especially in Warzone, players have been able to find a team of elves like new exclusive target of the holidays. In our guide, we will explain in detail what exactly these new features will entail.

Christmas spirit

As we have already introduced in the previous lines, the update released in mid-December on Call of Duty Warzone wanted to give users the opportunity to find a new enemy to face: of the elves. These will therefore appear throughout the Caldera map most cunning and fleeting creatures, are part of the exclusive Elf Team Six, and the brand new challenge for players will be that of explore the various areas of the setting to be able to identify and eliminate them. At first it might seem like a rather difficult undertaking, but by studying the enemy well and learning where to look, completing this mission will not be such a difficult task.

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The hunt is on - CoD Warzone: how to find elves

The elves will lurk throughout the Caldera map, and thinking you can find them easily could be a fatal mistake, especially if you don't know where to look and how. recognize their hiding places. Usually, elves lurk in small nooks and crannies, and certainly checking every hole we see would only be a waste of time and effort. Fortunately, there is a very specific way that will help to understand where an elf might be hiding.

First of all, we recommend that you turn up the volume of the sound effects a lot, since the playful personality of these funny characters leads them to not being able to keep from giggling, so much so that it is possible to hear them from 10 meters away. This weak point will be the fundamental element to get to find them: once you hear the giggles, the closer you get to the goal, the greater the sound. It will also be needed look carefully at your surroundings, since the elves could also be in the middle of the objects present in the location.

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CoD Warzone: how to find elves

Once you have managed to find the elves, it will not seem complicated to understand how to get rid of them, since it will be enough to simply take advantage of the skills developed so far playing Warzone, by going to riddle them with shots with your own weapons. In reality, however, there is a small hitch in the challenge, which will not allow you to limit yourself to killing them calmly one at a time: after killing the first elf, the sound of a ticking will automatically start a timed race, in which you will have to identify and eliminate the other surrounding elves as well. You will have to keep killing the elves until you get to the final one, the "boss" of Team Six, from which you will then get juicy rewards. In case you fail to kill them all within the time limit, the player will be stunned while the elves flee.

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The rewards

Find the elves and kill them will give you access to various types of rewards for Warzone, such as weapons, equipment to use in other games, tokens for double experience and business cards; further prizes are also listed on the Call of Duty website in a post dedicated to the event. In addition to that, there will also be the $ 10 thousand drop, self-resuscitation kits and many other useful items for use in the game. We therefore recommend that you keep your ears open if you find yourself hanging out in Caldera during the holidays.

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