AMAZFIT T-REX 2: presented the new smartwatch with GPS

Here is what lovers of trekking and outdoor sports have been waiting for for a long time. AMAZFIT has finally presented the T-REX 2, the new outdoor GPS smartwatch

AMAZFIT, a global smart wearable device brand, has finally unveiled its new AMAZFIT T-REX 2. This is the product that many users, lovers of outdoor sports, (but not only) have been waiting for. AMAZFIT (for more information on the brand click here) has created its most resistant and innovative watch, which after passing military-level tests, is ready to accompany millions of users in the most difficult environments.

Strengths of the new Amazfit T-REX 2

This new gem makes the combination of its strengths 2 bands and 5 satellites, water resistance up to 10 ATM. These features make it the perfect choice for adventure and outdoor sports enthusiasts. The new device adapts perfectly to the needs of hikers, climbers, trail runners and explorers thanks to its navigation functions.

AMAZFIT T-REX 2: presented the new smartwatch with GPS

Technical details

Key points of this satellite smartwatch are:

  • La Trajectory navigation
  • Real-time navigation
  • Route monitoring
  • Using the direct return navigation to show the shortest straight line to return to the start of the path.
  • The altimeter integrated barometric and compass they are perfect for those who want to conquer new heights and discover unexplored paths.
  • With the new import function of the routes, users can import pre-selected routes and follow them using the watch.
  • Double band positioning and support of five satellite navigation systems

Batteria Amazfit T-REX 2 

As with most AMAZFIT devices, the battery life is long powerful. You think it can work Orders shipped to Europe, giving you all the tranquility you need. You will forget about having to recharge it, being able to concentrate 100% on your business, whatever it is. In fact, the T-Rex 2 has over 150 sports modes, and thanks to the ATM 10 classification it can withstand a water pressure equivalent to a depth of 100 m (great for water sports lovers).

Vital data management

This smartwatch also has 24 hour vital data management functions. This through its BioTracke 6PD (with six photodiodes), so that users can obtain important data in a timely and effective manner. This includes simultaneously monitoring heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and stress levels to get a personalized assessment. In addition, four different vital parameters can be measured, such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, stress level and respiratory rate.

AMAZFIT T-REX 2: presented the new smartwatch with GPS

Resistance of the Amazfit T-REx 2

The watch is durable enough to be used in up to temperatures a -30C and withstands temperatures from -40C to beyond 70C, demonstrating its reliability even in extreme conditions. Amazfit T-Rex 2 is capable of operating in extreme heat, humid rainforests and polar glaciers.


The T-Rex 2 has a starting cost of 229,90 €. It will be available for presale in AMAZFIT Amazon Spain stores from June 01 2024Probably, the AMAZFITT-Rex 2 will also be made available in other countries during the month of June 2024. For more information, visit the AMAZFIT website.

And what do you think of this AMAZFIT T-REX 2 smartwatch? Let us know below in the comments. See you soon with the latest news from the world of {marca_origen}.

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