What is wipe in Rust? And how do I start over after a wipe?

It should be noted that the lack of access depends solely on the cycle in which this procedure is performed in Rust, and that there are also various reasons why each of these users is greatly concerned every time this cleaning is performed on your server.

If you belong to this specific group of players, who do not know the usefulness of the procedure and what consequences it can bring for their development on the platform, this article is to solve your doubts.

What does the term Wipe in Rust mean?

In the English language, the term "Wipe" is related to the action of cleaning something, be it a space or a specific object, with the aim of purify it from all aspects that can overload its aesthetics and functionality.

In the Rust platform, the term performs the same function, because once each Steam player manages to download and install the program on their computer, they are affiliated with a server that will allow them to experience the benefits and functions under which the game develops.

What is wipe in Rust? And how do I start over after a wipe?

But it is important to take into account one factor, since said "Wipe" is done only on the servers that provide space for the various players of the world to access the Rust platform.

That is why, any user who has been linked to this aspect, must take into account that at the end of each cycle this type of cleaning will be carried out, which can greatly affect the performance of each character.

How many types of wipes are there on each server?

It should be understood that the various types of cleaning do not vary depending on which server it is connected to, because in reality there are only three ways to debug these platforms.

Their variability will depend exclusively on the purpose for which the deletion will be carried out within the Rust server to which the player is connected, and on the person in charge of carrying it out, who is generally the owner of one or the various servers that are used. are available for play.

Cleaning the map

It is the most common cleanup that is done within the server platform, the purpose of which is clean the set of structures and objects that have been assembled and unfolded in all their dimensions. In this way an absolute reset is performed and each of the characters starts over.

Cleaning plans

Whenever a Steam user spends time creating their own server, they have the option to cancel the map plans, that is it deletes the data acquired by the players during the entire exploration, so that the next login starts as a new game.

Cleaning the server

The last type of wipe in Rust is that of the server, in which all information acquired by users (maps, floor plans, among others) come eliminated automatically.

What is wipe in Rust? And how do I start over after a wipe?

What should you do once your Rust server is wiped?

Taking into account that all the servers of the platform are busy carrying out these various types of cleaning, there is a certain group that makes offers to the players to facilitate the recovery of the progress achieved.

These offers are nothing more than a abundant number of supplies which will allow each player to recover the structures and objects that he had previously managed to build.

In this way, despite the cleaning carried out on Rust's servers eliminating all user progress, thanks to the experience already acquired on the platform, it will be enough to identify this variety of supplies and each of the materials needed to return to acquire the items needed to continue progressing in the game.

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