What games are there like Boom Beach? - The most similar games

Highlighting the diversity and playability that each title presents us, as its game mechanics and the novelties that each of them brings. Continue with us to discover new games that you can take with you on yours mobile.

What is the Boom Beach video game about?

It is possible that you are a player of Clash Royale and you are looking for another video game for your mobile device and browsing the Play Store you come across this title and wonder; What is Boom Beach?

It is a mobile strategy video game for Android and IOS systems, created by the developer Supercell. Having launched in a beta for Canada in November 2013 and opened for the rest of the world in March 2014. It should be noted that it is also available for Windows and Mac.

This strategy game combined with attacks against other opponents (online players) and tanks besieging the bases automatically generated by the game.

This carries out the development of his battles in a tropical archipelago, with the user on his island, with defenses and troops (similar to the play style in Clash of Clans).

Where players can build or organize their base, upgrade and block their defenses like buildings. This title combines single player campaigns with the ability to attack other players in multiplayer mode on the same map.

What games are there like Boom Beach? - The most similar games

Are there any other Boom Beach style games?

The answer to this question is Yes, since this game dynamics it was groundbreaking in the world of video games for mobile devices, tables and even available for PC.

Thanks to its amazing graphics section, concerned with the details of scenarios, characters, game mechanics, diversity in cooperative, multiplayer and solo modes. Thus giving a wide range to many games that have relied on these topics to bring something new and different.

This is how we started with the aforementioned Clash of Clans; a title that still today, after several years, continues to be the leader in the highest downloads.

Let's continue with this video game collection coming up on Game of War; a very addicting MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that is played with the mobile screen in portrait mode. Counting on alliances along with an integrated chat to communicate, where you have to fight for the kingdom against dragons and all kinds of medieval enemies.

The title of the looting pirates ; is a strategy game in which we will have to build and defend our pirate city. This title created by Rovio, are the same ones that gave life to the Angry Birds titles for mobile devices and PC.

There is such a title on this list "Shooter" in its “free-to-play real-time strategy” version published by developer Activision, in which we will have to build our own military base to direct some of the most popular characters acclaimed members of the Call of Duty franchise.

What games are there like Boom Beach? - The most similar games

On this journey through various titles, we come to Star War: Commander, this franchise has opted for the mechanical formula of the first game on this list, using real-time tools with the grand universe of Star War, with good graphics, sound, fidelity to its theme and excellent game mechanics.

Another title of the MMORPG genre is Empire: Four Kingsdoms, which leads us to the rise of civilizations and empires with castles and kings fighting for honor and victory. Developed in medieval times, this game of legendary empires, victories, will give glory to those who rule the kingdom with honor.

So, as in a small list, we mention several emblematic titles which you can download to share and play with friends or users online, enjoying a good time.

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