Vivo Trends 2022: what to expect from the mobile market

Today we will see the new trends of Vivo for the mobile market of 2022, such as Mobile Imaging, Artificial Intelligence applications and much more

The 2021 was for I live, between leading manufacturers of smartphone, a extraordinary year which saw the launch of new products in all market segments, with attention particolare to the tech of mobile imaging and the opening in six new markets - Peru, Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, Serbia and Mexico - for a total of more than 60 markets around the world

Also in 2022, the brand will continue to work to the smartphone design that integrate innovations really significant for end users but what they are working on the engineers? What are the industry trends to whom pay attention? Here are the six trends second alive.

Vivo Trends 2022: what to expect from the mobile market

Vivo Trends 2022: Mobile Imaging at the Center

Il photo gallery is the element on which the most players focus per differentiate their smartphone. From 2022 onwards, theoptical innovation will be one of main areas di R & D that will bring the smartphone photography to a level even more high. 

With this in mind, the partnership con ZEISS still acquires greater value: live x ZEISS Image Lab, the search e development of both companies they work together to combine the deep knowledge of optical systems di ZEISS with the expertise of vivo in smartphone manufacturing with the purpose of adapt unique features of devices for the professional photography to top-of-the-range smartphone vivo. For example, vivo has already introduced high transmittance lenses combined with a technology of coating advanced for high quality images.

Vivo Trends 2022: what to expect from the mobile market

Computing photography

THEprocessing of the images and software capabilities they will play a role increasingly Central in the development of technologic innovations is preferably used for photography from smartphone. The chip di Imaging V1, that will equip smartphones vivo starting from this year, it already goes in this direction; V1 combines un advanced AI system and with a higher speed e lower energy consumption than in terms of user experience means higher performance, better photographic yield e video.

Vivo Trends 2022: what to expect from the mobile market

Live 2022 trends: more and more Artificial Intelligence

Vivo engineers predict that the uses dell 'Artificial Intelligence will double in 2022 transforming many technological forecasts in reality. 

The department of R & D within AI di vivo is working on multiple areas of technological innovation e performance improvement which also include the photographic system, natural language processing (NPL), machine learning and Knowledge Graph

For example, in the laboratory they will come further develop semantic analysis in the elaboration of the language and semantic understanding of images in artificial vision, in addition tooptimization of the performance of smartphones viadynamic allocation e resource intelligent. Other areas of development are there smart planning area of computing power andoptimization of energy consumption. In general, these AI improvements will result in best experiences di utilization for users, from photography to the computing power up to battery life.

Vivo Trends 2022: what to expect from the mobile market

Miniaturization, even in mid-range devices

with over 12.000 professionals who work in 10 R&D centersD in Worldwide, vivo explore steadily various forms e smartphone dimensions, included folding devices e rollable. However, looking at the usage scenarios both in the field working both in free time, the designer continue to to prefer come form factor la traditional shape to "bar" as it results even more usable and functional. At the level of size, vivo was able to work on miniaturization also on mid-range devices. A recent example is the live one V21 5G who has one thickness only 7,29 mm it's a weight only 176g. For this device, vivo reached seven milestones, including motherboard, SIM card housing, lo heat shield and cooling plate thinnest made to date by the brand.

Vivo Trends 2022: what to expect from the mobile market

5G will double to 1,34 billion connections

Il rollout of technology and infrastructure 5G will be one of most important trends 2022. 5G will bring benefits not only for streaming Ultra HD, mobile gaming e Augmented Reality, ma anche in connection terms among the millions of IoT devices, smart cities, factories automated e virtual payments that will increasingly become a reality. According to CCS Insight the use of 5G network will double in 2022 reaching 1,34 billion connections. I've been living for some time supports that the 5G network be the key to to open the way to a world completely digitized e connected and over the years the brand has applied for more than 3.000 patents in the field of 5G and presented further 5.500 proposals di technologic innovations on 5G to the development organizations of standard di telecommunication of 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). The company has developed a range of 5G smartphones in each price range and is at the forefront of it development and standardization of this technology.

Vivo Trends 2022: 6G, merging the physical world with the digital

While the 5G is spreading to Globally, vivo is already thinking about the next chapter of mobile broadband. It is expected that the 6G technology will allow to use blazing speeds, 1TB / s, supporting la vision of alive of one ubiquitous network and will join perfectly the digital world and that physical. The company has officially started the search which will help to define in which way users will be able to draw benefit from this new technology, establishing parameters per data rate di peak, latency ed energy efficiency. 6G could integrate the network practically in everything, By buildings to smartphone a lowercase robot as big as insects. A report of ABI Research provides that the first commercial distribution will happen in 2028, with widespread implementations in the following years.

What do you think of Vivo's proposals? Let us know yours in the comments section, then I invite you to follow our mobile section so as not to miss any news or reviews.

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