Vinchin VMware Backup Review: Safe Virtual Machines

If you want to secure your VMware virtual machines (and not only), Vinchin VMware Backup could be a great solution! Let's see the details in this review

If you are not familiar with the world of computing as a professional, you may be unfamiliar with the term virtual machine (VM). It is actually the foundation of cloud computing and the shared use of resources. What is a VM? It is a software that simulates the operation of the hardware and communicates directly with the operating system. Basically it's like having a PC inside a PC.

When you use the same resources in a shared way, the VMs are very comfortable because each user in practice cannot disturb or be disturbed by others. In servers they are usually done run lots of VMs in parallel. Especially in the professional field, securing VM data becomes very important. Here's where it comes in Vinchin VMware Backup. Thanks to this software we could secure hundreds of VMs, even distributed on different physical machines.

Vinchin VMware Backup Review: Safe Virtual Machines

Graphic interface | Vinchin VMware Backup Review

There are several ways to backup virtual machines. However, few offer a simple and intuitive graphical interface like Vinchin VMware Backup. Thanks to his web interface in fact it will be possible to access the control panel from any device with a browser.

On the left we have the different tabs associated with the various VM monitoring and backup features. We can then monitor resource usage and backup status with easy-to-interpret graphics. Even customizing the various features is really simple and intuitive, obviously for those who know the world of VM. However aEven a novice will learn how to use this software in a short time. A really good job from this point of view!

Vinchin VMware Backup Review: Safe Virtual Machines

Functionality | Vinchin VMware Backup Review

Surely one of the great advantages of Vinchin VMware Backup is its ability to manage heterogeneous VMs distributed over multiple machines via a simple interface. This possibility can really simplify system management a lot.

The backup is done in the way totally transparent, then you can continue to use the VM during the backup or migrations process. There is support to the incremental backup, so there is no need to start from scratch every time, you can simply add what has changed since the last time. This saves time and resources. The data compression and duplication technologies also allow you to remove redundancy by creating very compact backup files. VMware volumes can be reduced by up to 50%. For example the BitDetector technology scans volumes and excludes useless areas such as swap area or unpartitioned space so that only the most useful information is included in the backup file.

Vinchin VMware Backup Review: Safe Virtual Machines

In case of VM crash or even in case of damage to the memory area in use, Vinchin VMware Backup allows the instant recovery data in just 15 seconds. This allows to minimize the discontinuity in the use of VMs by hosts, increasing satisfaction. In addition to speed, we also have precision. In fact, thanks to Granular Restore, we will be able to recover single files or folders from the VM backup, without restoring everything. This allows for high flexibility.

Scalability is one of the key points that sets Vinchin VMware Backup apart from the crowd. in fact it will be possible distribute the work across multiple nodes, in order to exploit both the computational and memory resources of different machines. However, everything remains transparent because the management takes place in a centralized way of the web interface. And if the resources of one or more local machines are not enough, you can also use cloud services such as AWS S3, AlibabaCloud and Azure Blob Storage.

Vinchin VMware Backup Review: Safe Virtual Machines

An example

Let's see for example how to backup VMware EXSi. The procedure is very simple. Before you install Vinchin Backup & Recovery su VMware EXSi. We can do this via DVD or USB boot containing the system ISO (itself is a VM). Therefore:

  1. Let's open the VMware EXSi server interface and log in
  2. We load the ISO into the server storage
  3. Click on "Datastore browser"
  4. Create a new VM
  5. Now let's proceed with the customization of the new VM and install the system from our boot device
  6. Let's turn on the new VM
  7. Click on “Console” and “Open browser console”.
  8. Set the installation destination. Select the virtual disk assigned and click "Done".
  9. Set the network and host name. Turn on the network card and change the host name. Click "Configure" to complete the network and host name.
  10. Click "IPv4 Settings" and select "Manual" as the "Method". Add the valid addresses for "Address" "Netmask" "Gateway" and specify the DNS servers, click "Save". Click "Done" to finish.
  11. Click on “Begin Installation”. The installation is complete, now click on “Restart”.


Vinchin VMware Backup is professional-grade VMware backup software. Its features make it very useful for managing multiple VMs distributed in a cluster. Thanks to the high-level web interface it is possible to secure tens or hundreds of VMs with a few clicks. Furthermore, a high quality of service is guaranteed thanks to transparency, continuity and scalability.

8.5 Professional software!

Points in favor

  • Graphic interface
  • Scalability
  • Continuity

Points against

  • Very limited Essential license
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