Street Fighter 6: fans take it out on the cover of the game

Street Fighter 6: fans take it out on the cover of the game

Capcom's upcoming line up of titles is nothing short of rich and exciting. In addition to the long-awaited remake of Resident Evil 4, 2023 will be a very interesting year for fans of the Osaka-based company thanks to the launch of a new IP such as Exoprimal and the new Street Fighter 6. Just about the sixth chapter of the fighting game series, lately fans are taking it with the game cover, the latter officially unveiled together with the release date at the last The Game Awards 2022.

  • Immediately after being able to set their eyes on the official cover of Street Fighter 6, many fans of the historic fighting game series immediately asked themselves several questions. A series of posts have appeared on the net that criticize, even in a somewhat comical and ironic way, the very cover art chosen by Capcom to promote the sixth chapter of the brand. In all of this there are players who have taken the criticism to laugh, while others who they are asking Capcom to change the cover.

    As we can see, for the sixth chapter of the saga Capcom has chosen to put the character of Luke Sullivan; one of the newest characters for the series who was first introduced in Street Fighter V Champion Edition (which you can buy on Amazon). Just the choice of the character, the pose with which he presents himself, the choice of colors and graphics are not convincing the players at all, and for this reason some of them have tried to review everything by making this question a real meme.

    Our efforts to fix what was broken…earlier tonight on stream. #Tekken8 #StreetFighter6

    — Maximilian Death (@maximilian_) December 10, 2022

    It is not the first time that a graphic element of Street Fighter 6 has met with harsh criticism from fans. In fact, at the first announcement of the game, it was criticized a lot the game logo, with some fans of the series who found it extremely simple and unrepresentative for the brand. Capcom took on that criticism and changed part of that logo. Could all this also happen with the official cover of the game? We'll see.

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