Philips Evnia: new monitors and peripherals designed for gaming

Philips will soon present the new Evnia line, consisting of new monitors and peripherals designed entirely for gaming

The gaming industry has come a long way. Since its simple two-dimensional debut in the 70s and 80s, the game has kept pace with the rapid evolution of digital technology, becoming not only a form of entertainment but a truly engaging sensory experience with a unique and powerful appeal. Increasingly, modern gamers expect a brand that reflect the diversity of their tastes and desires as their identities are embraced. In light of this, MMD, the leading display specialist and brand licensing partner for i philips display, is pleased to announce the launch of Eunia.

Let's discover the new Philips Evnia line

The definition of a typical player is more diverse than ever, however, the stereotype that play is only for teenagers is still the norm. The need for a welcoming community required a brand that could embrace every player, making them feel truly part of the group. Starting with his unique design, Evnia differs from the mass of aggressive models based only on specs, bringing back the joy and fun of the game, while keeping the emotional benefits at the center. Xeni Bairaktar, Global Marketing Lead and Senior Brand Manager EU at MMD Monitors & Display, commented on the following:

Philips Monitors believes that the joy of gaming should be accessible to everyone. Our goal for Evnia is to provide today's gamers, in all their diversity, with the monitors and accessories they need to get the most out of every gaming session, in terms of performance, graphics or overall user experience. Evnia, true to the name, encourages players to bring their most genuine self into their sessions and reconnect with the original purpose of the game.

The first Evnia model to be released, the monitor curvo Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV, ensures an almost cinematic experience with UltraWide Quad HD 3440 x 1440 resolution e HDR 1400. The monitor's mini-LED backlight with 1.152 zones allows for better lighting and contrast ratio control for deeper blacks and brighter whites. ambiglow adds well-rounded immersion in the game. Visual performance is matched by its gaming characteristics: with a 165 Hz refresh rate, for an ultra low input lag and Adaptive-Sync, even the most action-packed games are sure to be smooth and smooth.

Comfort is always a priority for the Dutch company's monitors, and the Evnia range is no exception. The 34M2C7600MV model delivers great flexibility with full connectivity of USB-C, KVM, and adjustable stand in height to adapt to user preferences and ensure gaming sessions that are a pleasure for mind and body.

  • Philips Evnia: new monitors and peripherals designed for gaming
  • Philips Evnia: new monitors and peripherals designed for gaming
  • Philips Evnia: new monitors and peripherals designed for gaming

Future upcoming products and related prices

The Evnia monitor range from this launch will see more performance-oriented products with models in the future: 42M2N8900 (42 inch OLED flat screen), 34M2C8600 (34 inch QD curved OLED screen) and 27M2C5500W (27 inch VA curved screen). The offer will be completed with innovative and elegant accessories: two keyboards (SPK8508 and SPK8708), two mice (SPK9508 and SPK9708), two headphones (TAG5208 and TAG7208) and a mouse pad (SPL7508). Join us in the new era of gaming.

The 34M2C7600MV model will be available for purchase from December at the suggested retail price of € 2.069. Evnia models 42M2N8900, 34M2C8600 and 27M2C5500W will be available in mid-January 2023. The prices are respectively € 1.959, € 1.849 and € 579. All accessories will be available from June 2023 onwards. What do you think of these new monitors and peripherals? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss future news related to the hardware universe, continue to follow the pages of Road4Gamers!

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