Nintendo Switch Online: a rumor speaks of the addition of titles for the NES

Nintendo Switch Online: a rumor speaks of the addition of titles for the NES

If Nintendo Switch Online needs something it is an expansion of its catalog and, according to a rumor, it could already happen with the next titles for the NES

Recently the Nintendo Switch Online service has been "prey" of some leaks, here we talked about the possible arrival of games for the various Game Boy, which are now back to "hit" the catalog for NES. But let's go ahead with some order.

Nintendo Switch Online: recovering the games of the NES

We've already talked about some of these retrogaming goodies, as well as we have suggested to Nintendo Switch Online to expand its catalog both for the Nintendo 64 and for the Sega Mega Drive, but we never thought that rumors about the next games for the legendary NES would arrive so soon!

The Twitter user Kaitlyn Molinas in fact he tweeted, we leave you his tweet below, that the next games for this historic 8-bit console could be the immortal Tetris, the ever-yellow Pac - Man and a combo of chapters of Mega Man and Castlevania among others. Really not bad as an extension, don't you think too?

First we have a leaked NES Online application, which contains all of the currently available titles, as well as several new ones. Notably it contains Pac-Man, Tetris, Galaga, Megaman, and Castlevania.
Below is a comparison of the current version and this master version.

— Kaitlyn Molinas (@orcastraw)

We also remember that, after the (re) publication of Mario Golf, the Grande N seems to be much more interested in further expand the catalog of its 64-bit and this trend is supported by other rumors that even speak of a return to support Transfer Pack! One of those accessories thanks to which, at the time, data could be transferred 64-bit or more Game Boy (particularly useful in the case of Pokémon).

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