Like having all the animals of Among Us on your mobile and PC

Among Us is a video game available for both computers and smartphones. This makes the player base quite high, as it is a cooperative game. I mean, this game it's made for you to play with your friends.

Who has done between us? How to play?

Among Us is an online and LAN multiplayer video game. This makes it easier for friends to play, as they provide multiplayer room service that allows anyone to create a room and invite their friends through a private code. This game was developed by the American company InnerSloth and was released in 2018.

Initially, it had a fairly standard player base, but when the coronavirus pandemic hit, the game became very popular as several YouTubers started airing it on their channels. The game consists in the fact that you are in a spaceship and that you have 9 companions. These 9 people can be of two types, impostors or friends. For each game there is only one imposter, and this one is tasked with killing the crew for win the game and take over the spaceship.

This is part of a series of mobile games that have made many companies fix their eyes on the Android market. This resulted in an advantage, since every day more and more fun games are developed for android gamers. If you want to find new ways to enjoy yourself and you don't have a stable enough connection to play online games safely, it is important to know which are the best games for Android without the Internet.

Like having all the animals of Among Us on your mobile and PC

Where can I find among us?

This game is very common, because if you want to download the game for free for PC and Android you just have to follow some simple steps, because this game has a free distribution on all its platforms. Although the game was originally only available on PC and mobile, the developers decided to release it on various other platforms.

Thanks to the fact that Among Us came out on both PC and mobile phones, the player markets of both platforms have started getting closer and closer, to the point that today it is possible to play high-end PC titles on Android, through external applications.

This was very important because in the console audience a free game is always received with great success among fans of these devices. Fortunately Among Us has managed to keep its promise of being a free video game and today it is possible to download it on various platforms tra cui Switch, Playstation e Xbox.

Between Us - Find out how to have all the animals on your mobile and PC

This is a request that many players have, as Among Us has a number of items and pets that attract people a lot. It is important to remember that these objects they are purely aesthetic and they do not affect the way you play.

When you play Among Us and see a dead crew member, you can see his pet crying next to his dead body. This always makes new players want to have them, because it's also important that you know that you can choose from more than 9 different pets, plus what you have more than 10 hats and 10 special costumes that you can put on your crew in the free version of the game.

Like having all the animals of Among Us on your mobile and PC

However, these are blocked by a Paywall and you cannot use them unless you pay for them. If you want to do this, you need to have a credit card added to your Google Play account. Another method is to download a modified APK, however this does not allow the player to play online. However, there are many websites that offer Among Us for PC and usually this version has all pets unlocked by default.

How much do pets cost with cell phones?

There are different pets and packs that we can find, so their price also varies. In any case, the pet packs and skins of they usually cost from $ 1 to $ 3 and you can find them in the different stores where the game is available.

Find out how to get free pets easily in Among Us

The most efficient way to get the occasional free pet on Among Us is to keep an eye on promotions and events. From time to time the game works with other companies or figures, so it is recommended that you see the game news, where these events are usually marked to get pets for free in Among Us.

Do you know how to equip your pets in Among Us?

Equipping the skins and pets in Among Us is simple for that you must be in the waiting game lobby. Once there, go to the computer on the left and hit the interact key.

All the customization options will be displayed, this time click on 'Pet'. Within this section the pets you have will be shown, simply select the one you want and will join your character.

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