Lenovo Thinkpad: new laptops presented

Lenovo introduces a number of new additions to the ThinkPad portfolio: Yoga X13 and X13 Gen 3, as well as third generation L-series laptops, designed to provide connectivity and functionality to those who do their jobs in hybrid mode

Lenovo with the introduction of the new ones ThinkPad X1 and Z Series both unveiled at CES, to the most recent and innovative ThinkPad X13s and series T and family updates ThinkPad L e X completes one of the largest business laptop portfolios available on the market. Designed to offer customers the best choice, it is built to offer the best in design, innovation and quality. With a focus on core functionality to enablehybrid working, the new ones laptop offer a number of improvements, including the Dolby Voice system, the camera FHD, Wi-Fi 6E1, networks 5G sub62 e 4G LTE3 wireless WAN and multiple battery options on select models with a choice of lightweight on the go or longer battery life.Lenovo Thinkpad: new laptops presented

Lenovo ThinkPad: safety first

With an increasingly distributed workforce, the safety and the main concern for IT decision makers. ThinkShield it is protection hardware e software which integrates a Trusted Platform Module, nei PC 11 with core Secured-core bringing greater protection in every respect. Complementary safety functions are integrated with Intel Hardware Shield available only on devices Intel vPro o AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 with AMD PRO Security defining the approach secure by design. For added comfort, it introduces the optional fingerprint reader on the power button.

La third generation of ThinkPad X13, X13 Yoga and models L13, L13 yoga e L14 e L15 follow the vision of Lenovo Smarter Technology For All, bringing technology to market that adds real value. Lenovo continues its commitment to reduceenvironmental impact using post-consumer recycled plastic, in the speaker panel and charger adapters of the ThinkPads unveiled today. These laptops contain the 90% recycled materials in packaging and / or sustainable materials and have obtained certifications ENERGY STAR e EPEAT for compliance with environmental and energy saving standards.

Lenovo Thinkpad: new laptops presented

Lenovo ThinkPad: High performance and further improvements

They offer old performance thanks to the latest platforms using Windows 11 Pro, all models are available with Intel vPro processors up to Intel Core 12ma Intel Iris Xe generation and graphics; ThinkPad X13 Gen 3 is available with AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 Series processor and AMD Radeon 600M graphics; and AMD Ryzen PRO 5000 Series processors on ThinkPad L series.

ThinkPad continues to improve the user experience in the areas that really matter

  • Dolby Voice, now available on all models, delivers an exceptional audio experience during video conferencing by leveraging spatial audio technology with dynamic voice detection for more natural and less tiring meetings. Dolby Voice also optimizes speaker and microphone performance with features such as automatic management of lower or distant voice levels and cancellation of background noise, unwanted noise or echo, regardless of the collaboration platform used.
  • Videocamere IR FHD optional, with camera shutter for privacy, improve the quality of video conferences and access to the device with Windows Hello.
  • Better connectivity for unbuffered conferencing and efficient cloud collaboration virtually anywhere. All ThinkPad models unveiled today include 4G LTE options that enable faster Wireless WAN (WWAN) connection speeds, a first for the L13 and L13 Yoga. ThinkPad X13 Gen 3 is also available with 5G sub6 (optional) for ultra-fast connections. Wi-Fi 6E (optional) is available for optimal connection speed on overloaded networks.
  • TrackPad 115mm larger by 15% improves usability for touchpad users.

Lenovo Thinkpad: new laptops presented

Lenovo ThinkPad: The various features between models

Among the unique features of the different models announced we find

  • ThinkPad X13 Yoga e X13 There are 3 they feature user-facing speakers with Dolby Audio and Dolby Vision low-power viewing option with Low Blue Light technology. Intel models are also designed on the Intel Evo platform to meet specific requirements.
  • ThinkPad X13 Gen 3 It is available with 41Wh and 54.7Wh battery options, the latter offering up to 40% more range4 than the lower power option.
  • ThinkPad L14 e L15 Gen 3 available with new form factors in Thunder Black color, with thinner edges and higher screen-to-body ratio that results in thinner and lighter devices. Laptops are available with 42Whr, 57Whr or 63Whr battery to give you a choice of lighter weight or longer battery life.
  • ThinkPad L13 Yoga e L13 Gen 3 they are available in Thunder Black or the new Storm Gray color scheme, designed to switch to 16:10 aspect ratio, including a new optional 13,3 ”500nit display and Privacy Guard mode for added screen protection in public environments.

Lenovo Thinkpad: new laptops presented

Lenovo ThinkPad: innovation, need and availability in the Spanish market

Lenovo's ThinkPad laptops continue to go further, not just in terms of innovation, but also of choice they offer to consumers, each model is designed for a different one need. Hybrid workers and IT decision makers have different needs and requirements across multiple market segments and use cases. Lenovo's top priority is to satisfy end users with devices that improve productivity and collaboration, as well as simplify IT support and management overhead. THE laptop ThinkPad contained in this ad will be available for the market Spanish in second half of 2022. Prices will be communicated later.

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