Leather gaming chairs | The best of 2022

If you are a gamer nowadays it is impossible to remain indifferent to the charm of gaming chairs. Beautiful, elegant, captivating and, above all, extremely useful: when you spend hours and hours sitting in front of a TV or monitor, it is in fact good and right to be comfortable and not strain your body too much. A good gaming chair, as well as being perhaps intriguing on a visual level, is in fact built in such a way as to be ergonomic and thus avoid those pains that could come from using a cheaper product.

Choosing the gaming chair that best suits your needs is therefore essential not only for dedicating yourself to a few gaming sessions, but also for all those who spend entire days sitting down for study or work. A product capable of proving to be indispensable for many and capable of giving, in addition to obviously an extra touch of class to the room, also a more ergonomic seat. An aspect to take into great consideration in one's choice is certainly that relating to the material of the product: but what are the best leather gaming chairs on the market just in case?

If you are not crazy about this type of material, or if you want to give other materials an opportunity, you can find further proposals in our guides dedicated respectively to the best gaming chairs ever and the best cheap gaming chairs.

Black Friday leather gaming chair: the best discount

Leather gaming chairs | The best of 2022

On the occasion of Black Friday 2022, even leather gaming chairs could not fail to go on sale. On Amazon there is a decidedly inviting offer regarding the DIABLO X-One 2.0. It is an HDS synthetic leather chair, with fully adjustable armrests and backrest. The explosion-proof gas piston can be loaded up to 150kg. The chair is currently on offer with a good percentage discount in all three of its versions, i.e. for boys, for normal sizes and XL sizes. The various patterns also take care of completing the picture: the Diablo X-One 2.0 is in fact available in many different colors.

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Leather gaming chairs, the best

  • Razer Enki
  • Razer Iskur
  • Arozzi Half V2
  • Noblechairs Icon
  • Songmics
Leather gaming chairs | The best of 2022

Razer Enki

Leather gaming chairs | The best of 2022

Let's start this article with the Razer Enki. This is a gaming chair made of multi-layer synthetic leather, equipped with a head cushion and foam padding. The chair is height adjustable and the backrest reclines up to 152 degrees. No strange colors, no: to dominate the aesthetics of the Razer Enki we find the black color, with green finishes, classic of the manufacturer's logo. Logo that has also been engraved on the memory foam headrest. With a decidedly particular shape, it is a classic gaming chair, decidedly elegant and able to fit perfectly into any environment.

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Razer Iskur

Gaming chairs

Leather gaming chairs | The best of 2022Among the best faux leather gaming chairs we can absolutely include the very comfortable and beautiful one Razer Iskur. The product of the famous company, in addition to being characterized by a high-level design enriched by elegant green lines, is characterized by a multilayer PVC synthetic leather, more resistant and durable than the classic polyurethane synthetic leather. The presence of highly versatile armrests, a lumbar support shaped to ensure ergonomics and high-density foam cushions finally make the Razer Iskur an even more valid product. Beautiful to look at and of great quality: what more could you want from a leather gaming chair?

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Arozzi Half V2

Leather gaming chairs | The best of 2022Another excellent choice when it comes to leather gaming chairs is certainly the Arozzi Mezzo V2. The Mezzo V2 is in fact an excellent gaming chair equipped with a highly ergonomic design, great comfort and a decidedly pleasing style to the eye. In addition to the faux leather cover, a backrest adjustable up to 165°, a rocker function and independently adjustable bracelets complete the overall picture. In short, if you are looking for an excellent leather gaming chair the Arozzi Mezzo V2 is certainly an excellent choice, which will give you a lot of satisfaction. In addition, the same is available in multiple colors and models, thus offering a wide range of aesthetic choices that best suit your gaming station and that will meet your taste.

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Noblechairs Icon

Leather gaming chairs | The best of 2022 Backrest reclining up to 135°, bracelets adjustable in four different positions and an absolutely iconic design: these are just some of the strengths of the Noblechairs Icon, one of the best leather gaming chairs on the market. Not to be underestimated are the support of weights up to 150kg, a particularly ergonomic design and the presence of support cushions for both the neck and the lumbar area. If you are looking for something beautiful and comfortable, the Noblechairs Icon is a leather gaming chair that will accompany you more than worthily in hundreds and hundreds of gaming sessions without ever abandoning you.

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Songmics Sedia da gaming

Leather gaming chairs | The best of 2022

If you are looking for a product of good quality, but at the cheapest possible cost, then this is your point of reference definitely a SONGMICS chair. The swivel chair in question comes in two patterns (black plus blue and black plus red) and was constructed with a PU leatherette material. Equipped with a cushion and lumbar support, although available at an affordable price, it has all the features that make it a very comfortable seat, such as padded armrests, reclining backrest and height support. The chair is also very easy to assemble and this, combined with the price factor, can definitely be a game changer for many users.

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How to choose the best leather gaming chair

Choosing a leather gaming chair is certainly not a very simple undertaking if you have no idea what to go look at. Finding yourself choosing the wrong product is in fact a moment and, just to give you a hand, we have therefore compiled a series of tips in the list below, able to guide you towards choosing the right one. the leather gaming chair that best suits your needswhatever they are.


Gaming chairs are unfortunately not one of the cheapest products on the market. Obtaining a high build quality, using good quality materials and, why not, even studying a more sophisticated design are in fact things that affect the price of the gaming chair, often making them reach several hundred euros. Fortunately, there are both more affordable and more premium products on the market, allowing for this anyone to find their favorite chair. In short, before throwing yourself into the choice, it is good and right to evaluate what you are looking for and what your budget is, in order to better orient your choices.


You probably already know this, but it's still worth saying: not all skin types are the same and there is a lot of difference between PU leather and genuine leather, which is not only due to the significant price difference between the two. PU leather, in addition to being drastically cheaper, is in fact a synthetic leather made of polyurethane and as such much less valuable than traditional leather. Fortunately it is though easier to clean, since it does not require all the care and products designed for genuine leather products.


You have probably already guessed it from the descriptions of the best leather gaming chairs above, but one aspect to take into great consideration when choosing a product of this type is certainly that relating to the various adjustments. Height, inclination and even the armrests: always try to choose highly versatile products, that know how to adapt as much as possible to your needs and to your body. You certainly don't want to find yourself spending money on an inconvenient product, right?


Although they are not loved by everyone, it is always a good thing Make sure your gaming chair has posture supports. We are talking in particular of the one for the back, to be positioned on the lumbar area and which lightens the load on the spine, and of the one for the head. Two accessories that absolutely must not be missing in a self-respecting gaming chair that are capable of prevent and avoid many small pains.


This is certainly not a first-rate feature like the previous ones, but after spending a fair amount on a leather gaming chair do you really want to settle for a design that doesn't suit you 100%? Elegant, showy, sober and tamarre: the beauty of these products is that they are designed to satisfy every type of palate. Whatever your favorite style, in short, it will not be difficult to satisfy you.

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