Kirby and the Lost Land: available today on Nintendo Switch

Kirby and the Lost Land: available today on Nintendo Switch

Kirby and the Lost Land is now available, HAL Laboratory's latest effort on Nintendo Switch and the three-dimensional debut of the pink ball

After years of waiting for lovers of the chubby hero, it is finally available the title Kirby and the Lost Land. The gestation for a real three-dimensional debut (although maintaining a basic linearity) of the pink ball of HAL Laboratory was long, but from today we will be able to reap all the fruits of many timid experiments for the development team. In fact, this new game brings together the transpositions of the basic gameplay of the first chapter (Planet Robobot and Blowout Blast) and the skills introduced later (Battle Royale). You can try the results for yourself by downloading the game demo.

The Lost Land of Kirby opens its doors: admission available to all!

In case you missed our full-bodied preview of the title, we will briefly summarize everything you can expect from Kirby and the Lost Land. The game offers a variant of the gameplay of past episodes, although with the necessary compromises (one above all the ability of the protagonist to float) in such a way as to preserve a challenge rate balanced. However, it remains an adventure better aimed at beginners, but even veterans of platformers can enjoy well-hidden secrets (some even too much) and, above all, a more punishing level of difficulty in terms of damage inflicted on the player.

As the video above also reminds us, everything is also usable in co-op. Playing with a friend allows you to better manage the fighting and the search for hidden collectibles. Progress and secondary modes will be managed through a single hub; it is here that we will also be able to improve the abilities obtainable by the enemies and observe the progress of the other players. The boss rush which distinguishes the entire series, under the new name of “Colosseum”. Finally, as has happened in recent chapters, compatibility with amiibo (preferably Kirby's) allows us to obtain items.

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