How to Watch and Download Movies and Series in 2023 with Telegram

How to Watch and Download Movies and Series in 2023 with Telegram

Want to know how to watch and download movies and series in 2023 with Telegram? Keep reading! :) There are many download websites and platforms with which to watch all kinds of audiovisual products that are not legal. However, the advance of digitalization has led us to be able to consume series and movies in another way.

Currently, we have platforms with hundreds of movies and series, but the user must pay a monthly or annual subscription to access them. If you want to save and continue enjoying the best movies and the best serials, we are going to show you the best Telegram channels where you only have to send a request to join and start enjoying the best movies and series. movies and series comfortably at home and completely free.

14 sites to watch and download movies and series with Telegram

As we said, there are different platforms to watch download movies and series in 2023 with Telegram. They are subject to subscription and you can find a good audiovisual content. Now, it often happens that the movie or series that one day we want to see, is not available on HBO and is available on Netflix, or vice versa.

We want you to have access to a variety of alternatives worth watching through these Telegram channels that will not cost you a penny. Through them you can watch titles in real time and access different channels to enjoy your favorite genre, whether it's fantasy, comedy, horror, sci-fi, thriller, musical or documentary.


It is very easy to join this channel. All you have to do is request an invitation and wait for the administrators to accept it. Besides, here all the movies are in Spanish, so you won't need to read subtitles all the time.


This Telegram channel specializes in Disney moviesso if you are an animation lover or have children and want to spend entertaining evenings at home, this channel can save your life and make the little ones calm for a while.


Pelistudios is another good option to watch and download movies and series in 2023 with Telegram. It may not be as well-known a channel as others, but it is yet another possibility when it comes to finding classic and more current movies.


This is a channel where users share links to exchange all kinds of movies and series. If you want to watch a current title, its community can help you to enjoy watching it.


As in the previous case, from this channel you will be able to access numerous links to watch all kinds of series and movies. Best of all, it has great classics and the latest releases.

DeSerieEnSerie CL Official

This channel is quite complete as it offers a wide catalog with an infinite number of series, which are also sorted in alphabetical order. That way it will be easier for you to find the series you want.

Dale Play

Dale Play is another possibility as good as the previous ones. In this case, you will find movies and series of all genres. In addition, we recommend that you keep an eye on their updates, as they are always adding new titles.

The House of Series

This channel is also very interesting for us because it has a good assortment of series with detailed information. This way, you can access the synopsis of each series and they will inform you in the language in which it is in.

Disney MOVIES AND SERIES - Netflix

This channel is a bit peculiar, because you will find here Disney and Netflix moviesas well as series with information to let you know if they are really worth it: description, cover image and additional data.


Many people prefer to watch movies and series in Spanish, and reject the Latin versions. However, if this is not an impediment for you, this channel will allow you to access the most successful streaming platforms and the latest movie releases with the best quality.


This is one of the best Telegram channels, for something over two million users. And is that not only will allow you to enjoy good movies, but you can choose the language in which you want to see them, either Spanish, English or Tamil.


Are you a fan of Indian cinema and you like to enjoy their movies in original version? You're in luck because in this Telegram channel you will have access to the most recent and most successful titles from Bollywood.


In this channel you will find many original movies, whose language is English, although you will also have subtitled titles. If you are learning English or the language is familiar to you, this channel will suit you because you can directly access your favorite genre and access links to other channels.


We finish this review of the best sites to watch and download movies and series in 2023 with Telegram with Seriespain. Surely you remember mythical Spanish series that caused expectation for one reason or another. In this channel you will have access to the most outstanding chapters of the main series created in our country.

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