How to Upgrade My Relics in World of Warcraft - WoW Mining Guide

In this article we will teach you how acquire and improve your relics if you are mining in World of Warcraft by profession. Stay with us.

WoW mining

Within the World of Warcraft game there are several professions that can be practiced by each of the characters. These are divided by sectors of importance.

There are the primary professions which are mining, tailoring, alchemy, leather processing, blacksmithing, enchantment, among others. Those of the secondary sector they are first aid, cooking, fishing and archeology. AND mixed ones which are horseback riding, the rune forge and the lock pick. It is important to note that this order may change in some countries.

How to Upgrade My Relics in World of Warcraft - WoW Mining Guide

Each profession is equipped with unique skills related to it, obtained from instructors and from formulas that are acquired in different ways. The skills gained during the game will help the player level up and keep getting more materials that improve the skills of the profession.

Mining, as the name suggests, is a responsible profession mining of minerals along with stones and gems from the ore mines found throughout the WoW game territory. These items can then be melted down and made into other valuables for other professions, such as jewelry and blacksmithing, among others.

How to get relics in World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft game relics can be found through the changes made with sellers of these, they are normally found in the intestine or in Ironforge. You can also purchase them from Brotherhood vendors, these are generally found in each faction's capital.

Many of the relics are obtained as rewards from missions, world events, achievements, among others. The idea isn't just to get the relics, as these have a usage limit, so to speak. Relics work up to a certain level, it depends on which relics you have.

The idea is to get memorabilia as well improve them while you play. In this way you can continue to use them even if you exceed the limit level of these. This is achieved by exchanging upgrades for gold or other items that you have or can obtain.

To get the relics from the vendors of this you have to accumulate the reputation required by each of them. This could be a reason why which you cannot acquire the relics What do you desire.

How to Upgrade My Relics in World of Warcraft - WoW Mining Guide

Process for upgrading Relics in World of Warcraft

Each of the relics that we can find within the World of Warcraft game has a level limit. That is, they are only useful up to that cutoff level. There are relics from level 1 to level 60, followed by those from level 61 to level 90 and finally those from level 91 to level 100.

Improving the relics means that we will increase the limit level, that is, so that operate beyond the limit level. For this there are many methods, like getting relic upgrade through gold, this is the fastest way to get relic upgrade, however it is very expensive. Here you will practically change the gold to improve your relic.

During the lunar festival, you might be able to redeem your Ancestry Coins in exchange for upgrades for your Relics, such as Armor Wrap. Similarly, in the black moon fair you can exchange your vouchers from black moon with upgrades for a relic weapon or your armor.

During the event of love in flight, you can upgrade a relic weapon in exchange for love tokens. To the summer solstice You can upgrade your relics to burn flowers with Midsummer Merchant and Midsummer Vendor. In Time Dungeons, you can exchange time badges with upgrades for your relics.

And just like these, there are other events and festivals in where there is the possibility to exchange some items with improvements for your relics.

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