How to properly configure the Switch to share the Internet with multiple computers?

In this way, the cabling is responsible for establishing the local connection networks within the same space. If you don't know what LAN is and how it works, you can find out.

The correct functioning of each of the aspects will directly depend on the amount of equipment connected to the switch distribution network.

Why use a switch in your business or at home?

The routers establish the connection without the need for physical media and limited space, while the switches broadcast the Internet via cables. This is to give it the best stability and speed needed with a distance limit.

Currently there are routers that can offer wired and wireless connection. Helping Internet networks reach anyway. However, these types of accessories have a connection limit of 4 devices per cable at the same time. These are termed as recommended home switches.

The desire to connect more than two computers via Internet cables is due to the fact that through this medium the maintenance of the connection speed provided by the network can be ensured. There are those who increase the speed of the internet via VPN, you could give it a try and see how it goes.

How to properly configure the Switch to share the Internet with multiple computers?


For this they are used Switchthat I am responsible for connecting the network segments, sending data and automatically deleting the connection when it ends.

How to properly configure the switch to connect multiple computers?

As is known, switches go far beyond those that work in the home, as their connection architecture is very variable. If it were a D-Link switch, the process of configuring the static IP address is simpler.

Each can be adjusted in based on the degree of need for connection requested by the user or from the company that is about to acquire the instrument. In case you want to set up a home switch that go from 4 to 8 connection ports, you should know that not much technical knowledge is required to make it.

Steps before configuring the network

You will start by connecting your computer to the router via an Internet cable, setting it up on the appropriate port for both of you. The switch works with a voltage of 210 to 230 volts, so you can connect directly to any electrical connection you have in the house.

First you need to make sure that the computer you connected is receiving the Internet connection. Optionally, you can measure your internet speed to see if there's any difference after you're done setting up the switch. You will proceed to connect the rest of the equipment which constitutes the home or business area at Switch using the necessary wiring.

Correctly configure the switch on the local network

To make sure mainly that the switch is plugged into a power source to receive power and turn it on.

Once each of the computers you want to connect to the LAN has been paired to the switch, simply download an application called " IPMessenger or Pipeline ”Which function as cross-platform solutions.

How to properly configure the Switch to share the Internet with multiple computers?


This program must be installed on each of the computers connected to the switch. This way it is possible configuration in sequence the IP of each. You need to turn off the internet connection if it is active, to start configuring one by one:

  • The computer connected to the first port of the switch will be assigned the IP:, Router / Gateway -, DNS -
  • The one coupled to the second port will have the IP:, Router / Gateway -, DNS -

When you open the application, you will find the set of equipment connected to it to confirm the correct assembly of the network.

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