How to get weapons in Rust - Where are the best weapons in the game?

Where are the best gaming weapons in Rust?

If you want better weapons, you will need to buy them, but for that you need scrap. If you are totally new to the video game, you should know that scrap could be considered as a type of currency within Rust. In fact, scrap metal will allow you to make various purchases, from the resources you need to ways to protect yourself.

Certainly the way to obtain the scrap is varied, as this precious component is found everywhere. However, you should focus on certain things or places where there are highs likelihood of finding scrap metal.


Barrels can typically give us up to two pieces of scrap, which is why it may not be the best way in case you want to find Scrap quickly.

Exchange items for scrap

Scrap metal can be obtained by modifying the resources that other people require, in other words, it would be possible to sell them some object and thus obtain scrap metal. This is one of the most recommended ways to get this currency in the game, being very useful for later purchasing weapons.

Bandit camp, a good place to buy weapons

Now that you have some scrap, you can access some of the best weapons in the game. To achieve this task in the simplest way, we need to focus on some specific places. In this case, it is best to go to a camp of bandits.

How to get weapons in Rust - Where are the best weapons in the game?

We recommend the bandit camps, since they are one of the few places where we can find weapons with almost complete safety. The rest of the sites depend on the loot options they have and usually the percentage of weapons in those places is extremely low.

By entering the bandit camp with enough scrap metal, you can purchase excellent weapons that will help you defend yourself or obtain resources. Next, we will show you the weapons that you can find in these camps.

  • LR-300: LR-300 is a large caliber weapon, with which it can do a lot of damage, however, it is usually a little expensive, requiring 500 pieces of scrap.
  • M92: The M92 is a handgun and is usually a great entry gun if you don't have a lot of junk. With 250 you can buy this gun, which will help you defend yourself in the dangerous environment of Rust.
  • Spas 12: for those who prefer shotguns, the Spas 12 positions itself as an excellent option. Plus, you can purchase it for as little as 250 at the Bandit Camp.
  • M39: If sniper rifles are your thing, then the M39 is an excellent weapon, however, you need at least 400 scrap pieces to buy it.

Places where you can find random weapons

If you want to take a risk, you can access those places where the weapons usually appear randomly, but for this it is necessary to master the essentials to play only Rust. Next, we mention the best places and the likelihood rate of finding a weapon on these sites.

How to get weapons in Rust - Where are the best weapons in the game?

  • Parabolic antenna: le weapons can be found in satellite dishes, although there is only an 8% chance.
  • Ports small: i ports small they are a bit better, giving us a 16% chance of finding weapons.
  • Great ports - Large ports are a great space where you can find weapons, you have a 21% chance of doing so.
  • Runway and railway area - Excellent places to find weapons, here you have a 40% chance of finding one.
  • Nuclear power plant: if you dare to intrude on the nuclear power plant area, you can expect a 42% chance of finding weapons.
  • Launch site: Finally, the best place to find weapons is the launch site, where you have a 65% chance of spotting a useful weapon.

Rust can be very difficult for some, the difficulty in finding weapons is proof of this, but remember that there are alternatives to the Rust video game, which you can try if it gets too complicated or even boring.

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