How to create a squad, squad or clan in Dota 2 to play with my friends - Complete guide

So if you want to know more about Dota 2 then stay on our page as we will teach you all about this amazing game. This time we will show you how to create a clan quickly and easily. You will see that not you will have trouble doing that if you follow the steps that we will show you very carefully.

What is a clan in DOTA 2?

Before moving on to the guide on how to create a clan in Dota 2, we will tell you a little about this new feature of this game. This will give you a good framework and will be able to apply the steps in a simple and fluid way.

There are a large number of games where one of its most important features is the ability to create or join a clan or guild. In fact, there are strategy games without the need for the internet in case you want to know others of this style, but today we will focus on Dota 2 and on the strategy of the clans.

How to create a squad, squad or clan in Dota 2 to play with my friends - Complete guide

The case of Dota 2 is special since this game he did not have the ability to create clans, but it was an addiction that was created following the game. In fact, the exact date the clans became available was in the year 2020 during the Battle Pass.

In this annual event it is used to add new content to the game and its players take advantage of it to improve their strategies. In this event, this concept was introduced is preferably used for first time in the game and so far has been very successful among gamers.

The process that needs to be done to create your own Clan is extremely simple. Next, we'll show you so you can make your own. You will see that you will not regret having included this guide because the method that we will show you below is very simple to understand and apply.

How to create a clan in Dota 2?

Next, we'll show you what steps you need to take to create a clan in Dota 2. These steps are very easy to apply, but that doesn't mean you should take them lightly.

How to create a squad, squad or clan in Dota 2 to play with my friends - Complete guide

Step 1

The first thing to do is go to the central panel of Dota 2. Once there, you need to select the icon to create the Clans it will be in bottom left. After giving this option, a window will appear where you will enter important information about the Clan such as name or language and country of origin.

Step 2

After you have successfully added the clan information you need to click on the button called "Create Guild" And that's it. It is so easy to create a clan in this amazing game. Once created, you can select which rewards they can receive based on each player's level of participation.

It `s important to note that to create a clan you must have a special compendium that allows you to create it. This Compendium is a special item within the game that allows the player, among other things, to obtain special items for their avatar or in this case to create a Clan.

If you don't have this special item, don't worry, you can join an existing clan while you get it. What you have to do is keep playing to get it, and for this you need an optimized PC that can help you have a team in optimal conditions.

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