How to connect Nintendo Switch Joycons to play on Android or iPhone

The most extraordinary thing is the ability to complement each other that some teams have. That's why today you will learn how connect the Nintendo Switch Joycons to play on Android or iPhone.

Make the games installed on your Smartphone a totally new and different experience with the tips you will find here. You have hours of guaranteed fun… you won't be able to stop playing!

You decide how to play!

What years ago might have seemed impossible. You can't just connect the Nintendo Switch Joycons to the device of your choice. Other controls like PS4 and Xbox One have teamed up to make every gamer's dream come true.

How to connect Nintendo Switch Joycons to play on Android or iPhone

There may be some incompatibilities along the way, but there is a solution for everything. So, sit back and read very carefully so that you can enjoy your favorite games to the fullest.

Bluetooth, the connection bridge

Whether to connect Nintendo Switch Joycons such as PS4 and Xbox One, the Bluetooth will be your ally. Each controller and mobile device works differently. So you have to pay close attention.

Only by correctly following the instructions below will you be able to use these commands on your Smartphone. You are ready? Let's begin!

Joycon per Android

We touch directly on the point that interests many people. Nintendo has made a grand entrance with its Nintendo Switch console. Its versatility and the quality of its games gave it a lot to talk about.

Again, Nintendo is all the rage among the community of players thanks to the Joycons compatibility with Android. However, it is important that you know something: it will only be possible to connect one Joycon to your Android device.

  1. Press the connect button and hold it for a few seconds.
  2. You will see how the green lights indicate that "Connection Mode" is activated.
  3. It's time to turn on Bluetooth on your Android phone or tablet.
  4. The Joycon and the device will be recognized and connected automatically.

Connectivity Issues

If, even following the steps, you do not know how to connect the Nintendo Switch Joycon to your device, it is because there are problems. In this sense it is important to highlight that the connectivity between Joycon and device is native.

How to connect Nintendo Switch Joycons to play on Android or iPhone

This means that, with the exception of Bluetooth, you shouldn't need any other components or elements to connect them. However, if you're having trouble, here are a couple of reasons:

  • Your device may not be visible to other users or devices. Enter the Bluetooth settings to correct it.
  • Your version of Android does not have this support. Then you will have to download an application or just update to the latest version of Android.

Connect the Joycons to your iOS device

It's possible? Apple devices have given a lot to talk about. Among many things, one of them was because they are not compatible with devices from other brands. In the case of the Nintendo Switch… it wasn't the exception.

Many people have been trying to figure out how to connect Nintendo Switch Joycons to no avail. Simply, neither the Joycons nor the Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller are compatible with iOS.

The incompatibility of these devices doesn't just happen natively. And it is that, at the moment, there is no application that acts as a connection bridge.

Alternatives for iOS users

The ones that iOS allows you to use are the Xbox One and PS4 controls. Connect one of these controls to iOS it's as easy as connecting the Joycon for Android. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Press the pairing button on the Xbox One controller (or PS + Share in the case of PS4).
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your iOS device.
  • Select the device to complete the connection.

Play the way you want!

What are you waiting for? get the most out of these amazing controls? Enjoy and share these tricks with your friends to keep having exciting games.

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