Guide to All missions [100%] - Cyberpunk 2077

Guide to All missions [100%] - Cyberpunk 2077

How to clear the game 100% Cyberpunk 2077

The world of cyberpunk 2077 it is so vast that, also ranging in verticality, it takes us to wander around the whole Night City, between streets, streets and buildings. But not only exploration lives such a great game.

CD Projekt RED has therefore decided to fill a couple of buckets of primary, secondary missions and third and random activities and let it fall on the world she created, thus giving several hours of gameplay to those who enter, for the first time and totally uninformed, in Night City.

Plot Missions

Taking for granted who has already finished the game we can say that the Main Quest lasts from 15 to 25 hours (not skipping cutscenes and dialogues, of course) with 30 missions that we are going to list below:

  1. The first mission depends on the faction chosen between Street Life, the Nomad and the Corporate but does not have a real name.
  2. Partica makes perfect
  3. The rescue
  4. The Ripperdock
  5. The race
  6. Transport
  7. The information
  8. The big shot
  9. A love like fire
  10. Losing time
  11. Automatic love
  12. The space in between
  13. The disaster
  14. Double life
  15. Down on the street
  16. Give me the danger
  17. I'm waiting for the trap
  18. Straight staff
  19. Never disappear
  20. Transmission
  21. Ghost city
  22. Lightning
  23. Life in times of war
  24. Play it safe
  25. Search and destroy
  26. I had it
  27. Op55N1 night operation
  28. The last caress
  29. Totally immortal
  30. Where is my mind?

Secondary missions

Of secondary missions, however, there are really many and all in different points depending on the area of ​​Night City in which you are, with the addition of secondary based on the background of the chosen faction.


The Gigs, also called random missions, are those missions that we find simply by going around the map in a totally random way and, just like for the secondary missions, they are in more or less all the areas of Night City.

Yes, the missions are many for a fairly large amount of hours but we are greedy and, on a similar title, the more they fit the better. And remember that Night City never sleeps!

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