Google Stadia, how to get a refund

The shutdown of Google Stadia it's practically around the corner. After the announcement, which took place yesterday evening, Mountain View has obviously guaranteed a full refund. The refunds will probably start after January 18, 2023, the day on which the service will be officially retired, but how will they work? Let's find out together.

Google Stadia, how to get a refund

What will be refunded?

We start, of course, from which elements will be reimbursed. As reported online by Google and other sources, Google Stadia users will be eligible for a refund for all games purchased. Hardware like controllers will also be refunded, but Mountain View won't ask for it back.

What will not be refunded?

If it is true that games and hardware will be refunded, it is also true, however, that Stadia Pro subscriptions will not be refunded. Clearly our advice is to avoid any type of renewal: if you already have an annual subscription, you can continue to use it without problems, but you will never be refunded.

How will the refund be paid?

It's currently unclear how Google will handle refunds. In the blog where the closure is announced Phil Harrison limited himself to saying that they will be granted and it is very likely that over the next few months Mountain View could take two paths: the first is that of an automatic refund, while the second is that of a refund that will require the user's collaboration, selecting one by one the various games and hardware purchased. If the credit, debit or prepaid cards you have used are no longer active, Google will ask you by email for the new bank details in order to be able to credit you the money owed to you.

Will my game saves be lost?

If you have purchased games on Google Stadia and would like to replay them on other platforms, the answer is "it depends". Titles like Destiny 2 (available for consoles and PC on Amazon) support cross save and cross progression. Others like Red Dead Redemption 2 sadly not: all this will therefore be at the discretion of the development team and the publisher.

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