Dying Light 2: tips and tricks to get started

In this guide we will provide you with a whole series of tips and tricks to survive and start your adventure in Dying Light 2 

If in these days you have decided to dive headlong (it should be said) into the new Techland open world, we, as always, are here to help you. The streets of villedor they are populated by all sorts of monstrosities determined to make their skin. Fortunately, however, Aiden, the protagonist of whom we will take on the role, will be able to count on a whole range of athletic skills which we will have to learn to master if we are to survive the threats we encounter in our path. If you have already read our guide on what to know before you start playing, here are a series of tips and tricks to start your adventure in Dying Light 2.

Calm is the virtue of the strong

Even if the game will present itself as frenetic and full of moments in which running and jumping will be the only possible option, the first piece of advice we would like to give you is to take it easy. Explore the map, become familiar with the movements and weapons and plan your travels taking into account factors such as the time of day. In fact, the zombies will tend to rage on the streets during the night, while they will take refuge in the buildings at sunrise. Consequently, it might be a good idea to use the day to move outdoors and the night to carry out missions that require you to go indoors.

While going out in the dark is risky, it is possible to get the Night Time Bonus, which will make you earn more XP overnight therefore choosing the best skill for the situation and your style of play will be vital to progress. Other tips and tricks that we can give you if you are approaching Dying Light 2 for the first time concern Aiden's parkour skills, with which it is good to practice a little. look at the distance that can be covered by jumping and running. By doing this you will be able to move more smoothly in the game environment and you will be able to get by more easily in desperate situations.

Dying Light 2: tips and tricks to get started

Being on the level of the situation - Dying Light 2: tips and tricks to get started

As also mentioned in the previous paragraph of this guide dedicated to the tricks and tips for Dying Light 2, you can gain experience from the actions you take to level up. Carrying out the activities that the game offers and progressing in the plot will allow you to earn valuable XP points to level up. This is not a fast process, but it is good to pay attention to it: the map will in fact show the recommended level for each available quest, allowing you to calculate if you are ready to face it.

A good tip that could make it easier for you to explore the game map is to take advantage of the fast travel mechanics linked to metro stations. You will find one for each city district, and all of them will be unlocked by completing a side quest. The assignment will take place at night and will require you to secure the area from all kinds of monstrosities, and then turn on the electric generator. Once this is done, the station will become active and can be reached by fast travel. Useful if you need to move faster from one end of the city to the other to complete quests and collect materials.

Dying Light 2: tips and tricks to get started

The right approach - Dying Light 2: tips and tricks to get started

Although Dying Light 2 is a title that makes action one of its main focuses, in our guide dedicated to the tricks and tips to get started we feel obliged to remind you that the game often contemplates the stealth approach. Stealth is often a recommended option because it allows you to silently eliminate opponents with one shot, useful if you are in the vicinity of a group of enemies (or some more powerful opponent) and your Stamina does not yet allow you to manage particularly chaotic situations.

It will be the Stamina to determine how long you can run and fight before you get tired, and consequently the advice is to give priority to strengthening the latter, along with obviously the life bar. The methods in which it is possible to do this are mainly two: wear suitable equipment and use the Inhibitors. The latter in particular can be obtained by completing the missions available on the map, therefore the advice is to prioritize these tasks to make your alter ego grow faster and stronger.

Dying Light 2: tips and tricks to get started

The dress makes the monk - Dying Light 2: tips and tricks to get started

Let's continue with more tips and tricks for Dying Light 2 and let's talk now about the equipment. There will be various pieces of clothing, which will fall mainly into four distinct categories: Cleaning will offer ranged weapon bonuses, Medical will increase healing and damage with parkour techniques, Fighter will increase the damage and Stamina cost of one-handed weapons, Tank it will decrease the damage taken by favoring two-handed weapons instead. The color with which a piece of equipment is highlighted, as also happens in other role-playing games, then determines its rarity: common (grigio), uncommon (green), rare (blue), unique (purple) e artefatto (giallo).

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, wearing the right clothes will allow us to get a boost for life and Stamina. However the equipment will also be the only way to acquire all the other bonuses mentioned above, also allowing us to upgrade Survivor Sense range and duration, the ability with which Aiden is able to easily find useful objects on the map. The advice is therefore to adapt the equipment to your preferred play style, paying particular attention to the rarity of clothing (remember that the higher the rarity, the more substantial bonuses are).

Dying Light 2: tips and tricks to get started

Weapons and Skills - Dying Light 2: tips and tricks to get started

The equipment worn will be important, but don't forget about the weaponry. Aiden will be able to defend himself with a great variety of tools of death both hand-to-hand and at a distance, and it will certainly be useful to choose the most suitable one for the situation but also the one that best matches your equipment. Whatever your choice, however, keep in mind that weapons will break after a certain number of uses, so don't get too attached to it and always keep in mind that, as the adventure progresses, you will have the opportunity to get hold of new and more powerful toys (by the way, here you can find our guide to the best weapons in the game).

Continuing our roundup of tips and tricks, it is impossible not to mention the unlockable skills that Dying Light makes available to us. In addition to weapons and clothes, there will be two skill trees: one for the combat and one for the parkour. Both will contain useful skills to be acquired by spending the precious XP obtained by completing quests and slaughtering the undead. Our advice is not to underestimate the bonuses that can be acquired in this way, since many of them could greatly facilitate your life both in combat and during exploration.

Dying Light 2: tips and tricks to get started

Be biased - Dying Light 2: tips and tricks to get started

We are almost at the end of our guide to tips and tricks for Dying Light 2, but we haven't talked about the yet factions. In fact, in the game you will find yourself dealing with two factions: i Peacemakers and of Survivors. You will be free to decide who to negotiate for, and when you manage to clean up particular areas of the map you can decide to assign them to one or the other faction, but remember that your choices will have consequences, and not just at the plot level.

In fact, based on your choices the game map may change even substantially. For example, you will see, in addition to the appearance of new safe areas controlled by members of the chosen faction, also changes to the surrounding environment: the Survivors will tend to placing equipment that favors your parkour skills, thus facilitating your exploration of the territory, while the Peacekeepers will have you found here and there weapons and traps very useful in combat.

Dying Light 2: tips and tricks to get started

final Thoughts

Dying Light 2 is a title chock full of things to do, with different mechanics to master and a rather extensive map. You will often find yourself wandering from one end of the streets of Villedor to the other, chased by abominations of all sorts, but with good strategic planning and careful management of resources at your disposal we are sure that you will be able to get by in any kind of situation.

What do you think of this title? Have you already begun your exploration of the streets of Villedor? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to {marca_origen} for all the news dedicated to the world of video games. To buy video games at a discounted price, we recommend that you take a look at the Instant Gaming catalog.

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