Demon's Souls: trophy list, platinum guide

In this Demon's Souls guide you will find the list of all the trophies in the game, including the much coveted Platinum Trophy

Nowadays there is less and less of the long-awaited release on the market remake per PS5 di Demon’s Souls. In a few days the Bluepoint Games title will be released worldwide, but unfortunately we will have to wait until November 19th before you can play it.

Waiting an extra week before you can get your hands on the game is sure to hurt a lot of fans, but luckily there may be a way to bear the wait better. In fact, the Demon's Souls trophy list so, if you are curious to know more about the game, in this guide you will find the complete list in Spanish of all the trophies in the game, including the much sought-after platinum trophy.

No spoilers!

In this guide we will list all the trophies of the Demon's Souls remake starting from the first of the bronze trophies and then concluding the list with platinum, consequently it is normal that some players may worry about the spoiler. Fortunately however this time you have nothing to fear, given that in the trophies there is no understandable reference to the most important moments in history.

Of course, some NPCs, bosses and items are named, but there is nothing that could be considered a spoiler. Also, if you have already finished the original work of From Software, for sure you already know many of the names that appear in the trophy list.

Demon's Souls: trophy list, platinum guide

Bronze trophies - Demon's Souls: trophy list, platinum guide

The journey to platinum is a long one, so it's best to start this guide right away with the list of bronze trophies by Demon's Souls. In total they are present well 22 lenses of this type, but thankfully they are all quite simple to obtain. Below you can find the 22 bronze trophies of Demon's Souls:

  • Falange trophy
    • Defeat the Phalanx demon
  • Trophy of the Knight of the Tower
    • Defeat the demon Knight of the Tower
  • Trophy of the Trapassatore
    • Defeat the Trapper demon
  • False Re Trophy
    • Defeat the False King demon
  • Trophy of the Armored Spider
    • Defeat the Armored Spider Demon
  • Trophy of the Flaming
    • Defeat the Flaming Demon
  • Trophy of the Dragon God
    • Defeat the Dragon God demon
  • False Idol Trophy
    • Defeat the False Idol demon
  • Mangiauomini Trophy
    • Defeat the Man Eater Demon
  • Trophy of the Old Monk
    • Defeat the Old Monk demon
  • Referee Trophy
    • Defeat the Referee demon
  • Trophy of the Old Hero
    • Defeat the Old Hero demon
  • Trophy of the King of Storms
    • Defeat the demon King of the Storms
  • Leech Trophy
    • Defeat the Leech demon
  • Trophy of the Unclean Colossus
    • Defeat the Fiend Colossus demon
  • Astraea Trophy
    • Defeat the demon Astraea
  • Brothers in Arms
    • Defeat the Trapassatore along with Biorr
  • Fists of legend
    • Defeat the Dragon God with the Hands of God
  • A pinch of wisdom
    • Save Sage Freke, the Visionary
  • Umbasa
    • Save the Holy Urbain
  • A sea of ​​possibilities
    • Give the Burning Demon Soul to ED Blacksmith
  • Witch in the tower
    • Save Yuria the Witch

Demon's Souls: trophy list, platinum guide

Silver Trophies - Demon's Souls: trophy list, platinum guide

Now let's move on to the new ones silver trophies by Demon's Souls. In total there are only 9 trophies of this type, but they will be far more complex to achieve than in the original game. In fact, in the list of silver trophies there are real challenges that could make it really difficult to achieve the much-dreamed platinum of Demon's Souls without the help of some guide.

But if you are an experienced player of the original Demon's Souls then you won't have any problem and on the contrary, you may find these new challenges very stimulating. In any case, here is the list of 9 Demon's Souls silver trophies:

  • Get back in shape
    • Help a player defeat a boss
  • Unwelcome guest
    • Defeat a player as an invader
  • One will fall
    • Defeat the Knight of the Tower without killing any crossbowmen
  • Time to roll
    • Cross the Latria walkway by passing through the idol's barrage of arrows
  • Not deceived
    • Defeat the False Idol without ever hitting one of its clones
  • One will remain standing
    • Defeat the referee without ever making him fall
  • May you remain unharmed
    • Defeat Astraea without killing Garl Vinland
  • Worthy of the sword
    • Give the Makoto to Satsuki
  • One of the few
    • Get Istarelle

Demon's Souls: trophy list, platinum guide

Gold Trophies - Demon's Souls: trophy list, platinum guide

Now the turn of the long-awaited has finally arrived gold trophies. As often happens, the trophies belonging to this category are fewer than the previous ones, but they are also more difficult to obtain. In total there are only 5 gold trophies and they are almost all related to completism, so they will take a long time to unlock. Below you will find a list with these 5 trophies:

  • Seek the power of the soul
    • Embrace the power of the Ancient
  • Legacy of kings
    • Get the Northern Insignia
  • Trophy of the wise man
    • Obtain all spells
  • Saint Trophy
    • Get all miracles
  • King of the rings
    • Get all the rings

Demon's Souls: trophy list, platinum guide

Platinum Trophy - Demon's Souls: trophy list, platinum guide

As usual this guide was very long but we finally got to platinum trophy of Demon's Souls, the final milestone on our great trophy list. Of course you will all know how to achieve this goal, but for the sake of completeness we have decided to include it in the article anyway. Below you can find the name and official description of the latest trophy in the Demon's Souls remake:

  • Trophy Slayer
    • Collect all trophies

Demon's Souls: trophy list, platinum guide

Demon slayer

Here ends our latest guide that began with a very long list of bronze trophies and ended with the coveted Demon's Souls platinum trophy. Now that you've got your curiosity satisfied, you can use this handy list also to simplify your climb to platinum. Our article ends here but, in case you want to know more about the game, we suggest you take a look at the others too articles dedicated to Demon's Souls on our site:

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Demon’s Souls sarà available exclusively for PlayStation 5 from 12 November. If you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the world of video games and much more, then continue to follow us here on {marca_origen}.

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