Dark Souls: Offline PvP server for security issues

Dark Souls: Offline PvP server for security issues

FromSoftware took Dark Souls PvP servers temporarily offline due to some critical vulnerabilities

We are almost at the end of January, and currently there is less than a month to go until the official release of Elden Ring. The stock has officially entered the gold phase, which means that the work has finally been completed. After some further refinements, the game will be ready to be shipped to the various distributors, and then finally falls into the anxious hands of the videogame users. But while some small indiscretions and advances are given on the main quest and its duration, in the meantime it seems to have been found some serious problems in Dark Souls online, with an issue that would be affecting players across the servers of all three chapters. In response, FromSoftware has decided to temporarily take the PvP servers of every Dark Souls game offline.

Dark Souls servers are offline

The discovery of this vulnerability in the online of the well-known franchise was discovered several hours ago by a user on Reddit. He would have identified a critical weakness present in Dark Souls 3's text chat on PC, which would allow be the victim of hacker attacks not only on the title in question, but potentially also on Elden Ring, as it would use the same system. The discovered exploit allows you to use the chat to send code strings, useful for obtaining information and sending data to users' PCs during multiplayer games. The risks of malware and not being able to use the PC anymore are very high, and for this reason it was necessary to intervene drastically, in order to avoid that the spread of this news leads to an increase in hacking attempts. This is not the first time that such a problem has occurred in Dark Souls: in 2016 it was discovered how to leave hacked items in the games of other players could corrupt game saves.

PvP servers for Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls 2, and Dark Souls: Remastered have been temporarily deactivated to allow the team to investigate recent reports of an issue with online services.
Servers for Dark Souls: PtDE will join them shortly.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

— Dark Souls (@DarkSoulsGame) January 23, 2022

The official Bandai Namco account announced on Twitter that it has taken note of these problems, and has intervened by taking the Dark Souls PvP servers offline, so as to be able to investigate the reports reported by users. So far, the games plagued by the restriction are Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls 2, and Dark Souls Remastered, but Bandai Namco says they want to add Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition later as well. This fact is also of interest only works on PC, therefore, those who want to play online on PlayStation or Xbox should not run into trouble of any kind. While no details have been added about the duration of this suspension, hopefully it won't last too long.

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