Crash Bandicoot: new chapter from Toys For Bob coming?

Crash Bandicoot: new chapter from Toys For Bob coming?

The island of Doctor Mureau in Looney Tunes sauce could return with a new game: that Toys For Bob is working on Crash Bandicoot?

Given the plebiscite that welcomed the fourth chapter, it is more than normal that fans of Crash Bandicoot the return of Toys for bob from the "mines of Call of Duty", which i rumor about one new game they seem to confirm. During the recent podcast Xbox Chaturdays, the Windows Central reporter Jez Corden he hinted that he was aware of a new project. The responsible studio should be the same that, remember, also gave birth to Spyro Reignited Trilogy. And quoting the subtitle of the fourth episode dedicated to the marsupial… it's time!

The new Crash Bandicoot you don't expect, from the Toys For Bob you expect

In the English podcast, which for fairness we will include below, there was a very peculiar exchange about the potential of a new Crash Bandicoot from none other than Toys For Bob. In his predictions on the contents of the Xbox showcase and Bethesda, the host of the podcast Rand al Thor talked about the future of the former Sony mascot. Defining the development team as a candidate for the project, Corden let out a sarcastic "Where did you get this information, Rand?", Then corrected his "We shouldn't have leaked" with a "Nice prediction" that tastes like climbing on glass.

VideoGamesChronicle concluded last year with a report about thehiring staff for projects unrelated to Call of Duty. The studio was recently associated with supporting Activision's flagship franchise, specifically the free-to-play Warzone. This has been the source of conflicting statements by both parties involved. If on the one hand Activision Blizzard has confirmed a central focus on Call of Duty, Toys For Bob has replied implying that they can still get their hands on the Crash series. In any case, it will be the Microsoft showcase to confirm or deny the eternal theater of Wumpa League.

Now it's up to you to tell us yours: is it a reliable leak or a risky hypothesis for you? Let us know below, and as always don't forget to stay on Road4Gamers for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.

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