Bully 2: reveal in arrivo?

Bully 2: reveal in arrivo?

An insider is sure that the reveal of Bully 2, sequel to the famous Rockstar title, is always in the plans of the company and that soon there could be news

Rockstar Games recently gave an answer to all the prayers of its millions of fans around the world, confirming how, 9 years after the multi-celebrated launch of GTA 5, the next installment of the franchise is currently in full development. And although no further news has been released, beyond this generic announcement, the simple confirmation of this evidence has been able to monopolize the videogame scene in recent days. It seems, however, that there is another reveal in the barrel, or the one concerning the long rumored (and characterized by a very troubled development) Bully 2.

Bully 2 soon protagonist of an official reveal?

Just a couple of months ago, the famous insider Tom Henderson had argued as the sequel to the title in question was in the works at Rockstar, and although the production information was somewhat hazy, it hadn't ruled out the possibility of an upcoming announcement. And taking the leap of the ball following the announcement related to GTA 6, Henderson took advantage of a Twitter post to reiterate his thoughts on the rumored second chapter of this brand of the company. Below you can also read the post in question.

Sorry – Where did todays announcement say that it's Rockstar's next focus point? They said GTA 6 is in development.

I still standby that there's something going on with the Bully series.

— Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) February 4, 2022

Obviously, beyond the words of Henderson, it is really difficult to predict if and when there will be reveal di Bully 2, but it certainly wouldn't be surprising if Rockstar had several projects in the pipeline simultaneously. Of course, should there be any concrete developments in this regard, we at Road4Gamers will not fail to keep you updated promptly, so we invite you to stay in our company.

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