BetClic Apogee: the case of Esports Business Days

BetClic Apogee takes the stage of the Esports Business Days organized by the Spanish Esports Observatory. His case history discussed by Raffaella Micuccio

These days, the Spanish Esports Observatory presented the Esports Business Days in Rimini. The event, now in its second edition, already represents the reference point for the entire Esports and Gaming Industry. In this edition, held at the Rimini Exhibition Center, the Spanish team of Betclic Apogee, accompanied by the founder of the team, Gonçalo Brandeiro and the country Manager Spain Raffaella Micuccio. The event is one of the main moments of meeting in Spain for operators in the Esports sector who take the opportunity to update themselves and develop business through networking.

Betclic Apogee: protagonist of the Esports Business Days

Raffaella Micuccio took the stage of the event to present the case history of Betclic Apogee, the Esports team that aims to become number one in the world. This is happening slowly, also thanks to the successes that the team is collecting thanks to the pro players Matteo “Margamat01” Margaroli e Lucio “HHezerS” Vecchione. In her speech, Raffaella focused on one of the cornerstones of Betclic Apogee: sustainability. The gaming industry has become one of the largest on the planet, managing to involve 3 billion users, with very high energy costs and a consequent increase in CO2 emissions. It is estimated that in the US alone there is an energy cost of well 5 billion dollars a year.

BetClic Apogee: the case of Esports Business Days

Esports represented the future and, as pointed out by the Country Manager Spain, Betclic Apogee wants to lead the mission of safeguarding our planet. The team also continues its expansion path, made up of important initiatives such as the recent entry into the OIES network, theSpanish Esports Observatory which promoted the Rimini event.

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