Best Sites to Buy Quality, Active TikTok Followers | October 2022

In this list, we're going to discover the best sites to buy quality, active TikTok followers. Let's find out how to easily increase your followers!

TikTok is now one of the most popular social networks in Spain, with several million followers, it is now a leading platform on which it has never been so interesting to launch your own content. Some influencers and brands have understood this and know very well that it will be difficult to stand out 100% naturally, and it is better to buy TikTok followers to have an edge on the competition. Let's see if this is profitable and what is the best site to buy TikTok followers.

Top 5 sites to buy TikTok followers


Best Sites to Buy Quality, Active TikTok Followers | October 2022

Boostagram is the most used follower growth tool in Spain: after being used and perfected for a long time in a closed circuit of influencers, it is now finally available for everyone. The process consists of analyzing profile data, boosting interactions and checking results for at least 5 days.

The boosts are for every niche: influencers, e-commerce, brands and professionals. The packages offered have practically the best quantity / price ratio in Spain and are not subscription: you will not find strange charges on your card, only the purchased product.

As if that weren't enough: fast and Spanish assistance at your disposal.


Best Sites to Buy Quality, Active TikTok Followers | October 2022

Sosvisualizzazione is a site that, as the name suggests, will allow you to increase your TikTok video ensuring you a large number of views (up to 1 million) and likes.

Sosvisualizzazione is a site that has nothing to envy to the competition. As for the followers provided, they are of superior quality, a good part of them are French / European. All of this makes it a reliable site that is 1st in our ranking.

Best Sites to Buy Quality, Active TikTok Followers | October 2022 is one of the best sites when it comes to buying TikTok followers. In fact, with an honest site and an intuitive and simple browsing experience, a French after-sales service makes it one of the simplest, most reliable and serious sites. Furthermore, the followers provided are active and of high quality with a good proportion of French and European accounts, which guarantees a safe increase in subscribers and without any risk, which is very appreciable when launching on TikTok and wanting to do it in the better way. For all these reasons Achatlikes is 2nd in our ranking.


Best Sites to Buy Quality, Active TikTok Followers | October 2022

As we all know PayPal is a popular payment solution when it comes to shopping on the Internet, but sometimes it can be difficult to find sites that offer quality services and allow you to buy tiktok followers with PayPal. Fortunately, there is Galaxyfollower that offers exceptional quality service. If you need to buy TikTok followers with PayPal, this is definitely the site to turn to.

Best Sites to Buy Quality, Active TikTok Followers | October 2022

On Socialfollower you will find a whole series of services that will allow you to increase your TikTok videos in terms of shares, likes, views and followers. As you may have noticed, this is a Belgian site. Fortunately, the service is French. We selected it to include it in our top 3 despite the majority of our audience being French, because it offers the best TikTok follower buying service available on the market. As mentioned before, this article is aimed at a predominantly French audience and therefore we preferred to focus 100% on French sites.

How to buy TikTok followers?

To buy quality, active TikTok followers it is essential to follow the following steps:

  • Select a trustworthy site
  • Select the right number of followers to buy (it can be 1000, 5000 or even 10000)
  • Pay your followers via PayPal or credit card
  • Wait for your followers to arrive

How much does it cost to buy TikTok followers?

The price of buying active TikTok followers varies a lot depending on the site you choose and the quality of followers that will be provided to you. However, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is preferable to use the following price orders:

  • 100 followers TikTok: 4 at 6€.
  • 500 followers TikTok: 7 at 13€.
  • 1000 followers TikTok: 16 at 24€.
  • 2000 followers TikTok: 32 at 50€.
  • 5000 followers TikTok: 69 at 99€.
  • 10000 followers TikTok: 129 at 179€.

Is it a good idea to buy cheap TikTok followers?

A lot of influencers starting on TikTok choose to buy cheap tiktok followers, but this is a bad idea especially since many sites are untrustworthy. We advise you to spend a little more and / or buy fewer followers, but to choose a quality service. The same is true when choosing to buy like TikTok, it is always better to spend a little more to get a service that is really up to par. In short, buying cheap tiktok followers is not recommended, especially if you want to become an influencer.

How many followers should you buy: 1000 or 10000?

This will mostly depend on your goals. In fact, it is clear that you will not get the same results if you buy 1000 followers rather than 10000.

The first thing to consider is your budget. In fact, while buying followers is a relatively inexpensive marketing strategy, it's not free either, and buying 1000 or 10.000 followers can be a significant investment. Especially when you are starting out on the platform and have not yet gotten any advertising contracts or developed a strategy to monetize your account.

Is it necessary to buy views, likes and comments as well as followers?

Of course yes! Buying views, comments and likes etc. will allow your account to grow naturally. In fact, if you get 5000 followers overnight, but no likes, views or shares, then it won't seem natural and could arouse suspicion. That's why it's important to grow your followers, likes, views etc. proportionally.

Is buying TikTok followers dangerous for your account?

Although buying TikTok followers is not necessarily a very popular strategy, as it is not seen by everyone as a fair play strategy, it is still legal (in fact, nothing prohibits the purchase of followers) and effective. If you choose a reliable site like the ones we have listed for you, you will have no problems.

How to get 1000 TikTok followers?

This is a question that many novice people ask themselves about TikTok. Commonly known as the desert crossing, the period during which your account has between 0 and 1000 followers is very difficult to overcome. On the one hand, few, if any, people see the videos you've spent hours on to make it as great as possible. On the other hand, you work tirelessly and sometimes even spend large sums of money to make each video more breathtaking than the previous one without receiving any satisfaction or remuneration from the platform. To cope with this, there are of course many strategies which consist of posting dozens or even hundreds of TikTok videos per month, in order to reach the 1000 followers threshold as quickly as possible, but this requires a lot of work and perseverance and the results are not always. are obtained. Otherwise, like most influencers / business-men who launch on TikTok, choose to buy 1000 followers to make your channel more visible and save precious time.

Is buying cheap TikTok followers profitable?

This is up to you! In fact, if you think that you are going to buy cheap TikTok followers and that you will become an influencer overnight you are wrong. You will have to post higher and higher quality content to compete with other influencers. Buying followers should be seen as a stepping stone to gaining more exposure and launching a career or brand.

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