Best online computer stores | October 2022

Best online computer stores | October 2022

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to understand where and how to buy products online. Especially in the IT field. Are you undecided? Not sure which site to trust? Updated monthly, this guide will keep you updated on the best online computer stores!

If you are reading these lines you are probably very undecided on where to buy your IT products. In the shop close to home, the prices are always very high and you often can't get the choice you want? A common situation, which often leads to a feeling of frustration: do I have to spend my money and can't even buy what I want?

Clearly something is wrong! It absolutely must be remedied! The Internet offers us the solution: online computer stores. A real godsend!

What is an online computer store?

We all know what a computer shop is, in our collective imagination it is where you walk in for buy a PC, smartphone or game console! Usually within this type of shop there are various salesmen who are always, or almost always, available to provide advice and / or to help us choose. As a non-expert, however, it is easy to be fooled: after all, the salesman he has to sell what he has in the shop! So even if we ask a friend of ours "IT and informed”The clerk will tend to mislead us and make us buy what he has available in the shop. Precisely for this reason, when you return home you often feel "scammed" because maybe we paid a lot for the product and it is not even what we hoped it would be! Perhaps while we are on Facebook an ad appears with the same product we just bought… a half the price we spent. Who has never happened to? Here I think of everyone.

Those shops that appear in ads are often gods online computer stores. The technical term is "E-commerce". They are shops that do not have a lot of staff, certainly less than that of the shopkeeper near home, and that have a "showcase" website where all the products are displayed. Often these shops do not have a location where we find various shop assistants, but only warehouses. Precisely for this reason they are very competitive in prices: they have less costs! They also all have the great plus of getting us there goods directly at home, with big saving time and money.

There are many of these "sites", how do you know which ones to trust and who to stay away from? Often news of various types of scams appear in the newspapers. Very off-putting. But don't worry, this guide will tell you which ones they are the best online computer stores

What are the best online computer stores?

If you have come this far I guess you are very curious to know what they are the best online computer stores. Don't worry, we'll tell you what they are shortly, but before doing that there are some important things to know.

First of all, there are online stores that not only sell computer equipment but sell a bit of everything. These shops often offer a wide choice. Some are even very fast in the delivery of the goods. Then there are gods online computer stores which specifically deal only with this category of products. Some are a little slower in shipping but offer lower prices. These stores usually wait to have a certain number of orders before sending the goods. Never having warehouse stocks to dispose of, and therefore still goods, they are able to sell almost at "cost" price, that is, at almost the same price at which they buy the goods! Once the premises are over, let's get down to business.

No major news this month. We are awaiting checks to include other Stores in our guide.

Best online computer stores - The ranking

Amazon is definitely the website best known for selling products online. It is certainly the largest ever, and at the same time also one of the most supplied. It accepts many payment methods and has a very fast shipping service! It is one of the best online computer stores precisely because of the rapidity with which the product arrives home. Sometimes even the prices are very low thanks to the promotions that they often manage to offer to customers! Personally it is my favorite site for online shopping.

BPM Power

Site unknown to some but very reliable. Usually it has a quantity of IT products at its disposal that it can compete even with much larger stores. It offers various shipping options and also allows you to choose the courier according to your preferences! Prices are often between lower than the web, and options are often available for extend the warranty of products. Always keep an eye on it because every day it offers different promotions!

Ollo Store

This shop offers a large assortment of computer products of all kinds. It is one of the pioneers of the sector, that is, one of the first to open an e-commerce site dedicated to hardware. They are very courteous and always available, and we advise you to contact them by phone in case of doubts. They also offer a service for the assembly of PCs and also provide assistance in the choice of components to always have full compatibility between them! And if this were not enough, a service has also been included that provides a configuration estimate based on a maximum expenditure ceiling defined by you. Shipping times are average, not too long, but still in line with what is stated. Convenient the various subsections where you can find all the materials related to the single category, very well managed the catalog! Prices are average except for lightning offers.


E-price is one of the first online computer stores opened in Spain. It is an online store with a very extensive catalog. Compared to its competitors, it also offers many appliances, even large ones. It will in fact also be possible to order a kitchen, an oven, etc. A site that we recommend because of the large assortment and due to the possibility of shipping with agreed reception time: excellent for those who work and cannot wait for the courier for whole days.

Roma PC Point

An online store well stocked with PC components of all types, from office use to gaming, in order to meet the needs of any customer. In addition to sales, Roma PC Point also deals with repairs. With its physical headquarters in the capital, this store is certainly the reference point for customers in Rome and its province who choose to buy PCs, peripherals and accessories either out of need or passion. Shipping via express courier throughout Spain, free if the cart exceeds 200 euros, with delivery in 24 / 48h.


This store offers a large assortment of computer products, but, unlike the competition, it has a area totally dedicated to gaming. In this area you can find a lot material dedicated to gamers: often the products sold are practically impossible to find elsewhere. We therefore recommend it to all those who want to buy "special" gaming material at moderate prices.

Hardware Planet

Very professional and quick in answering by telephone (an operator always available at the times indicated) and by email. Their assortment is very large and offers many products at affordable prices. Sometimes the prices indicated turn out to be among the lowest on the web. Another advantage is the stability of prices in the store: the cuts / increases are periodic and there is no daily variation like on other stores. The shipment turned out to be very fast and in the times indicated on the site. The only drawback found concerns the interface of the site, this can be largely improved and is currently confusing.


Last, but not least, the well-known online store Drako. This online computer shop is aimed primarily at the advanced user which needs special and niche components. This is the largest nmodding shop! offers a vast assortment of accessories ranging from LED lights to liquid cooling systems. Additionally this online store has a physical office in Milan. This is no small advantage for skeptics of online computer stores.

Best Online Computer Shops - November 2021 List

  • BPM Power
  • Ollo Store
  • E-price
  • Roma PC Point
  • Nexths
  • Hardware Planet
  • Drako

Honorable mentions among the best online computer stores

We have practically named them all the best online computer stores, but there are some important absences! These clearly refer to the large IT and electronics chains. Names like Mediaworld, Unieuro and Trony, they were excluded from this ranking because the prices are practically in line with those of physical stores without offering any real advantages. For this "lack of advantages" it is inconvenient to buy from their online stores: we might as well go to the physical point of sale.

These are the best online computer stores that we have collected for you through years of experience in computerized web ordering!

Keep following us on for more guides like the one on the best monitors to buy, and be sure to have your say on this ranking.

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